Chrome extensions can become adware

Google fixes ā€œpage jumpsā€ in Chrome

The Next Web published an interesting story about a Google Chrome extension that was sold and turned into adware.

ā€œCreator sold the extension at some point before July 11 and informed users that it would no longer be able to make changes to it. But the new owners have made some changes, ā€says the publication.

Ā«Users reported that the extension of customizing the YouTube interface has now asked for permission to read data from all the sites visited and to manage extensions and themes,Ā» reports the site.

Moral of the story: keep a close eye on the extensions installed on your Google Chrome and carefully review any warning of changes in permissions (Chrome alerts!).

After complaints from users, the extension was removed from the Chrome Web Store. It is unclear whether this was due to a decision by the developers themselves or by any action by Google.