Chrome extension allows you to copy content from the internet to the Google Docs web clipboard

I don’t know if you have already had a similar problem, but on several occasions, I had to copy part of a text (it could be an email address / website, or just a sentence / quote), and, in order not to lose it, I had two options: either open Gmail and send the content to me by email, or open Google Docs and paste it into a draft file that I keep there. Of course, the situation was not at all practical, but at least it solved my momentary problem.

For my happiness, Google has just announced the launch of the extension Web Clipboard for Google Chrome. Making use of the cloud clipboard, added to Google Docs in February last year, the extension allows users to copy any text or image available on the web pages to the clipboard of the application suite.

The use of the novelty is very simple: after installing the extension, and being logged into your Google Accounts, just select the desired content, right-click on it, and choose the option Copy selection to web clipboard that will appear in the context menu.

Once the content is copied, the user simply accesses one of the Google Docs applications and clicks the option Web clipboard. Below, all copied contents will be listed, which can be pasted in HTML (keeping the original formatting), or as plain text.

In case the user copies only texts, without any other type of element (such as images), the content will also be available to be pasted into any text field. In the example in the image below, I copied the title of a Google Discovery post, and pasted it into Google Search.

Because they are hosted on Google Docs, the user will be able to copy a text at work, and leave it to use only when they are at home. 🙂

After the Microsoft show that it is expert in Ctrl + C -> Ctrl + V, Google begins to spread its wings over the competitor. 😛