Chrome 69 brings renewed look and more news, celebrating its 10th anniversary

It may seem longer considering the true ubiquity of the browser in our digital lives, but the Google Chrome has only completed its tenth birthday in recent days. And to commemorate the milestone, Google has finally released to all users the new browser look that was already available for testing, as we have shown here.

The new face of Chrome 69 for macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android based on the guidelines of Material Design 2, by Google, and include more white space, more rounded elements, custom fonts, and a focus on graphic features and sleek animations. Changes are most noticeable on mobile platforms, where the toolbar (finally!) Has been moved to the bottom portion of the screen and the tab view has been renewed, now with windows instead of cards.

Chrome 69 GIF

Another new update to the new OmniboxChrome's address bar that was once intended to be smarter than usual but is now even more functional: it can expand to display results without changing tabs or even indicate that something you're searching for is already open in a tab Just click “Go Tab” to get back to that content without duplicating it. Soon she can still search and show files in her Google Drive.

Want more? Chrome 69 features a more robust password manager with built-in code generator and key center and new auto-completion tools. It is also possible, on both the desktop and mobile devices, to change the background of your home screen, as if you were on your desktop, and to add shortcuts to it.

The new version of Google browser is now available for all platforms and can be downloaded from this page or for free from the App Store for your iTreco. Nice, no?

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