Chrome 2.0 accelerates to final version

THE browser Google does not want to be left behind in the wave of recent updates that major browsers have made. The definitive version of Chrome 2.0 is now faster and more stable, with new features as well.

Available for download since last Thursday, Chrome 2.0 replaces the beta version, which had been launched in March. Browser users will be notified of the update or can download it now from the site.

According to information published on the official Chrome blog, since the launch of the first beta of the browser, last year, more than 300 bugs have been fixed, which aims to prove that this is the most stable version ever.

In terms of speed, the development team guarantees that this version is 30% faster than the previous stable version, all thanks to a new version of WebKit and the update of the Javascript engine.

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In the features, the highlight goes to the possibility of viewing the pages in full screen, the option to hide the thumbnails of the open tabs and also the improvement of the auto-filling of information.