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Christmas story: young developer pays parents' mortgage with app money

See what a beautiful Christmas story.

Joey Trombone application developer and creator Videoshop, a very complete video editor (with the right to sound effects, transitions, different video speed options, filters, etc.).

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His parents had a hard time paying the mortgage on the family home, but with the money from the app, Trombone paid off the debt.

“Sometimes the best gifts come in the most tattered packages. Merry Christmas to all! ”

He published a video showing exactly the moment when he gives the gift to his parents, who obviously can't stand it with emotion.

For these and other reasons that Apple has more to boast about even creating the App Store which, it is worth noting, broke new records in 2015. So far, the company has already passed US $ 25 billion to developers. In addition, Ma claims that the iOS ecosystem today is responsible for creating 627,000 jobs directly and indirectly in the United States.

And it all started six years ago (in 2008), when the company created the App Store and maximized the opportunity that developers needed to sell their creations in a simple and easy way. The result? Stories beyond happy like this, Trombone!

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