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Every guitar player must have had at least one chord sheet music in front of him and maybe couldn't read it all. Who has a seventh chord or a + add13, then a sus and then a dim … As even expert musicians well know, sometimes it is not possible to remember all the combinations. What to do? Searching every time how a certain chord forms on Google can be boring. The chord! Free (Guitar Chords) is the app that can help musicians not only for cases like this, but also offers much more. Read our review today and find out more about this app.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: CyanogenMod 9The chord! Free (Guitar Chords) more than an image generator. In addition to this main function, it also has the ability to display single scale notes and some combinations of some chords and other tunings. And there is more. But first, some information about its main function.

The imager has two modes: simple and extended. In each of them, the chord name, notes, and picture are at the top of the screen. Simple mode displays the most common chords of a given tone. In this mode it is still possible to generate other chords. Already the most advanced advanced mode for those who understand more than music. Here you can make various combinations between the different chord elements, such as a C maj7 sus2 (# 5). It should not be forgotten that the letter C here means d, since the app comes with the English notation (A = 1 B = si C = d D = r E = mi F = fa G = sun).

The application automatically selects the image from a simpler example, but you can also follow others simply by touching the screen. You will find other information about the strings, such as if the root of the chord is the lowest note. At the bottom, you can select other chords and view other preview details. If you also want to know how to play a specific chord, just click on the image. You can also play each string.

In addition to this main function of the app, there is also the ability to view a range of scales, very useful for solos. The free version of Chord! Free (Guitar Chords) comes only with the major, minor harmonic, major and minor pentatonic scales. Regarding this aspect of the app, the generated image contains all the tones of the selected scale. To play simple notes, simply click the keyboard.

More than a demonstration is the option of displaying some chords and other tuning for guitar and guitar. In the full version of the app, you can insert chords in this section to re-tune your instrument.

Conclusion:Although at Chord! Free (Guitar Chords) are not present all the functions contained in the paid version, we do not fail to recommend to the musicians to do a test with the app in question. The fact that its features are already more than enough to make it more than interesting.

Screen & Controls

The Chord Controls! Free (Guitar Chords) are very intuitive. The chord imager has been designed quite complexly. This does not mean that the app options are not all very clearly organized and understandable without any further ado. The design is also very interesting. It is important to make it clear that the user has to be familiar with the English notation, as there is not yet a Portuguese version of the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

The name of the app says it all: Chord! Free (Guitar Chords). This is a free app with banner ads at the bottom of the screen.

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