Choosing your public name and profile photo in Messaging (iMessage)

After many years, Apple added to the posts – on iOS 13 – an elementary feature for any self-respecting messenger: the possibility for users to create their own profiles, with name public exhibition and a Photograph profile – so that you can, after all, identify yourself with your own name and face, rather than simply a phone number or email address.

The good part is that, for those who want to configure their own profile, the steps to do so are very simple. Below, we will give the path of the stones on the iPhone or iPad:

Profile in Messages

  1. On the Messaging home screen, touch the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the “Edit Name and Photo” option.
  3. Enter the desired names in the First and Last name fields.
  4. Touch the profile photo to change it; you can take a selfie by tapping the camera icon, choosing an image from your gallery or selecting an Animoji / Memoji as your profile photo. It is also possible to simply place your initials as an avatar.
  5. Finally, select whether you want to share your name and photo in Messages, and with whom: you can leave the elements visible to everyone or only to your contacts. It is also possible to select the option “Always Ask”, in which you will need to confirm before sharing this information with a specific contact.

You also have access to your profile by going to Settings »Messages» Share Name and Photo.

It is worth noting that, if one of your saved contacts adds name and profile photo, an alert will appear at the top of your conversation with him, notifying you of new information; you can tap “Update” so that the contact’s file in question remains up to date with the data provided by him. Alternatively, you can ignore the warning and keep in touch with the name and photo you assigned yourself. ?