Choose the ideal phone to play

Even if the device is not the most modern of all, card lovers can have fun and train their skills while spending time on unnecessary but obligatory activities such as bank queues, medical waiting rooms or even those eternal traffic jams. of the big cities, where you stand more than you walk.

A survey was recently conducted analyzing the screens of the most modern (and expensive) smartphones in the market and a great surprise was found. The screens of Samsung S3 phones have a much larger and more accurate touch sensitivity area than the modern 5S and 5C IPhones.

To the Applemanacos revolt, despite being a year older, the accuracy of the S3 was demonstrated in tests conducted by the Finnish company OptoFidelity, which specializes in testing and measuring high-tech systems. Comparison for accurate screen touch between models

As the photo above shows, the red dotted area represents the places where the touchscreen sensitivity has failed, while the green one shows satisfactory sensitivity. In Galaxy phones, the almost perfect accuracy. Which makes all the difference for those who use the device to play, for example.

Testing has made it clear that character input on newer Apple models has sensitivity flaws across most of the screen, with accuracy located just below and to the right. The user may have problems if they need to use the top or edges of the device. No tests have been reported on lower-cost handsets or Samsung's own Galaxy4.

It is important for any consumer to know exactly what they are consuming a particular product for. If the main target is just to use the handset as a phone and camera, there are several lower cost handsets available in the market. But if the goal when buying a high end mobile phone is continuous use for internet access, games and applications in general, I need further research.

The analysis shows that the price does not always correspond to the benefit offered. Running after new products just for the sake of novelty can disrupt the usage needs of every consumer. For those who like to have fun and use the phone to play and even play lively poker games, it is best to try different handsets before making a purchase that may prove unnecessary or worthless.

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