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Chip S5 of the new Apple Watch is basically identical to S4; new iPad has 3GB of RAM

Apple's event like this: Apple talks a lot about the practical improvements of their devices, but almost never extends about their technical specifications. Therefore, the following days (and weeks) always yield real investigations into the numbers of new gadgets and of course it was no different with the new iPhones, Apple Watch and iPad.

We already know, for example, that the entire line of iPhones of 2019 has 4GB RAM courtesy of a record by Apple itself with a Chinese regulatory agency. Now the developer Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed this information and brought other updates based on the latest Xcode build.

In relation to Apple Watch Series 5, Troughton-Smith confirmed what we all suspected: the S5 chip that equips the new watch virtually identical to last year's S4, with only the addition of a compass (and not the gyroscope, as he quoted in tweet) and a larger internal memory (32GB). The developer prefers to see the glass half full, and notes that at least users will not have to worry that watchOS 6 might be slower on the Apple Watch Series 4 as it has basically identical guts to the younger brother. .

The developer also checked the amount of RAM in the 10.2 inch iPad: 3GB, which is a good leap from the 2GB of Apple's previous inbound tablet. Remember, though, that the new iPad has the same A10 Fusion chip as its predecessor, so we won't see a noticeable performance jump in it.

About the iPhones, Troughton-Smith did not bring any information yet unknown, just confirming that none of the new models have 6GB of RAM during the past week, it was speculated that the iPhone 11 Pro Max could have the extra amount of memory, but it seems the rumors were unfounded.

via MacRumors