Chinese website shares what would be the “iPhone 7 Plus” housing with two rear cameras [atualizado 2x]

Chinese website shares what would be the “iPhone 7 Plus” housing with two rear cameras [atualizado 2x]

Rumors about the iPhone 7 (possible name of the successor to the iPhone 6s) started for real.

We recently showed what the device's housing could be (thinner, no antenna lines in the middle and a larger hole in the protrusion for the iSight camera). This, however, would be the iPhone 7 (with 4.7 inch screen). There is another rumor that the iPhone 7 Plus (or even an “iPhone Pro”, which would be above the top-of-the-line version of the iPhone 7 Plus) has a version with two rear cameras.

For this supposed larger model with two cameras that we can see in the image below:

Alleged iPhone 7 Plus case

I say "supposed" because the possibility that we are visualizing something false in the small; however, in the last few years a lot has even leaked ahead of time, so we cannot doubt anything.

The image appeared on the Chinese website Bastille Post and has the same rear design that has been speculated recently. The differences are due to the two rear cameras and they are protruding, as in the iPhones 6 / 6s, and the three dots on the bottom of the device that look a lot like the Smart Connector (technology introduced with the iPad Pro that transmits data and at the same time, for use with accessories).

Taking these rumors into consideration and based on their own research / sources, Feld & Volk decided to create some high quality images of the iPhone 7's look.

IPhone 7 Render

IPhone 7 Render

For them, the device will be 6.1mm thick (like the sixth generation iPod touch). In addition, the company believes that all models of the future generation (7 and “7 Plus”) would have the two rear cameras. To top it off, despite not having the 3.5mm jack (for headphones), they think that Apple will not take advantage of the space to incorporate more speakers (something that is also being considered by many).

IPhone 7 Render

Information / rumors about the next generation of the iPhone are still quite truncated; to complete, the iPhone 7 should be presented by Apple only in the third / fourth quarter of the year. So, so far, a lot can still change.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann · 03/16/2016 s 16:46

And another photo supposedly leaked today this time on the Chinese website Feng, released by NWE shows what would be the bottom of the rear of the iPhone 7, corroborating what we saw above:

Apparently, the photo would have been taken inside a unit that is producing prototypes of the device, perhaps from Foxconn, Apple's partner in China. Time will tell if it's all hot or not

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Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 03/17/2016 s 10:14

At least the previous leak does not appear to be from an iPhone, at:

Meizu device photo

Li Nan, vice president of the Chinese manufacturer Meizu, published the photo above showing her next top-of-the-line launch, the Meizu Pro 6.

That's why, nowadays they are all so alike

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