Chinese stores cut iPhones prices for the second time in the year

The thing is definitely not good at China, one of the main focuses of the "bad" business performance of iPhones. Apple may well have tried to (re) heat handset sales by lowering prices, but the effect that was good was short-lived.

What to do then? Why give more discount! At least that's what informed the Reuters, citing resellers Suning and Pinduoduo, which will reduce the price of the iPhone XS by up to CN1,000 (about R $ 570) from the official price. It is worth noting that they participated in the price cut of some iPhones models in January with other retailers, but these discounts exclude the XS model.

JD has been even more aggressive and has announced that cutting prices for several products, including the XS and XS Max iPhones specifically talking about the XS Max, could be reduced by up to CN1,700 (~ $ 970)!

That the new discounts will be well received by the public, no doubt. The question remains whether the effect will have any positive impact in the short, medium or long term.

And who knows, with the performance there, Apple decided to put into practice the price reduction plan in other countries where sales are not heated. 🇧🇷 👀

via 9to5Mac