Chinese state operator now controls users' iCloud data

To comply with Chinese authorities' rules and guidelines, the Apple met his philosophy about privacy and security and transferred the data and cryptographic keys for iCloud accounts from their servers in the United States to Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry (GCBD), a Chinese government-owned company .

However, another change this time not premeditated may require Chinese users to be even more cautious about how their data is stored. According to a WeChat publication, the China Telecom, a major state-owned operator in the country, said GCBD had migrated all iCloud data from Chinese customers to Tianyi, a subsidiary of yours, as disclosed by the TechCrunch.

Also according to the vehicle, Apple separately confirmed the change that was responsible for raising, once again, concerns over the control of this data, which may include emails, text messages and the encryption keys that protect this information. The change was presented to users as a way to provide a faster service across the country.

Apple was widely criticized for the change that occurred earlier this year to trust GCBD with iCloud data. Several users questioned whether the company will be able to maintain and protect the privacy of its customers under Chinese law. At the time, Apple responded by saying that the requirement was part of the country's new guidelines.

China recently enacted laws requiring that cloud services offered to its citizens be operated by Chinese companies and that Chinese customer data be stored in the country. While we argued that iCloud should not be subject to these laws, in the end, we were unsuccessful.

The Apple user agreement that lists GCBD as the owner of iCloud data is still available. Regarding the new change, Chinese users are likely to receive another term and, just as before, they will be offered the options to agree to the change or close the iCloud account.

That arm wrestling, Apple lost.

via 9to5Mac

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