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Chinese police shut down fake iPhones factory that produced 41,000 devices

As long as Apple products are in vogue, these stories will continue to happen.

Flag of China

According to Reuters, the Chinese police closed a factory of fake iPhones in Beijing where more than 41,000 fake phones were "produced", equivalent to 120 million yuan (about R $ 65 million).

The details of the operation were revealed by the Beijing Public Security Bureau. According to them, United States officials gave the tip because they had found some of these fake products in the country. The police arrested nine people, including a couple (Yu, 43, and Xie, 40) who led the operation after a factory raid on May 14, when the police entered the place in disguise as a police officer. product maintenance workshop and seized 1,400 devices in addition to a good number of accessories.

The couple hired hundreds of workers to take second-hand smartphone components and reassemble them as iPhones for export.

(tip from Robson Pinheiro; via BBC)