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Chinese launch jailbreak tool for iOS 8.0-8.1, but the thing is still "not ready" [atualizado]

A few months ago, a group of Chinese called PanGu became famous when he launched a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1. Because the guys are back with the first solution compatible with iOS 8.0-8.1?!

Jailbreak PanGu for iOS 8

They released the tool earlier today, for now only compatible with Windows, but it has been temporarily shut down probably for two reasons: 1. general bug fixes, and 2. Cydia still doesn?t work (just like Mobile Substrate).

This topic on reddit brings details about the solution and already has a message from Jay ?saurik? Freeman, creator of Cydia, regarding this compatibility. Just like us he was taken by surprise and is traveling, so he cannot guarantee much agility in the release of a new version but he has already confirmed that he will work on it as soon as possible.

Just as Cydia itself still doesn?t work, so do most tweaks available for l. The idea of ??launching the tool now allows developers and hackers to work on updates to their software and, in a while, the thing is interesting for users who want to do jailbreak on your devices.

Most interesting, at this point, to see that hackers once again managed to find loopholes in Apple's operating system to enable a new jailbreak. And everyone wins: both users who want to ?free? their iGadgets as for those who do not like it, since Apple is aware of the exploits and probably will close them in iOS 8.2 of life, making it even more secure.

The PanGu tool promises to work on any iPad or iPhone / iPod touch compatible with iOS 8.

(via iClarified)

Update · 10/22/2014 s 16:48

The verse 1.0.1 of the tool is in the open, but only for Windows and is in Chinese.

Furthermore, as reported by the iDownloadBlog, ?Saurik? has already released a first version of Cydia compatible with iOS 8 which, for now, must be installed manually since it is not included in the PanGu package.

The thing is moving fast, but we suggest that interested users wait at least 1-2 weeks before venturing out.