Chineses desenvolvem câmera com 500MP para reconhecimento facial

Chinese Develop 500MP Camera for Face Recognition

Scientists have developed a 500MP camera system that promises to be able to identify someone's face in a crowd of hundreds of thousands, raising the bar for recognition technology. The camera was developed through a partnership involving more than one group, Fudan University worked with the Changchun Institute of Optics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At first it may be difficult to get an idea of ​​the quality of the camera, according to the developers, it delivers a resolution five times more detailed than the human eye. The soul of the device is its artificial intelligence (AI) system, capable of face recognition with real-time monitoring. Every automation integrates with advanced cloud computing technology.

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Even in a crowded stadium it is possible to identify a specific human face, according to Xiaoyang Zeng. The researcher comments that the camera is capable of capturing images and videos, which gives more options to investigators, police and watchmen at work. Although very promising, the biggest problem with increasing the quality of captures is the size of the files generated and the speed with which processing has to be done. With larger sizes, cloud storage is difficult and recorded files may eventually have to give way to new ones.

China is one of the pioneers in facial recognition and is working to implement the system in greater numbers on its streets. China is currently experiencing strong protests, with crowded streets. Recently, videos were shared showing protesters using lasers to blur the sight of facial recognition cameras. Other shares also show Chinese tearing down posts with the devices.

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