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Chinese deepfakes app goes viral and raises privacy concerns

You have probably heard of the deepfakes, images created by artificial intelligence that basically synthesize human appearance and voice, making it basically possible for you to put anyone in any situation on an artificially generated audio or video. By itself, the technique has already generated huge controversies because of its destructive potential, but a Chinese app is taking the controversy to another level.

I refer to Zao, app developed by chinese Momo which is available for free on the App Store since last Friday (30/8). The app has a simple and tempting proposal: you take a simple selfie and suddenly you can insert your face into a multitude of famous movie clips or TV shows with stunning fidelity.

In case you haven't heard, #Zao is a Chinese app that broke out last Friday. It's the best application of the deepfake facial replacement technique I've ever seen.

Here is an example of myself as DiCaprio (generated in less than eight seconds from just that photo in the bottom left). 🤯

As we saw in the example above, the really amazing thing: the app only needs a few photos of you (front, side, blinking, open-mouthed, etc.) and shifts your face to the clips in question, in an extremely realist. The problem is that, in the same footprint as FaceApp, app privacy issues are at least fuzzy.

The app's privacy policy states that user-generated clips are “free, irrevocable, permanent, downloadable and relicensed”. Previously, the terms stated that Momo could use the content generated in the app freely, but the text has now changed, the developer claims to prompt users before using their clips on their media, but the content will continue to be used internally to improve the content. the application.

In other words, your fun videos will continue to be used to power the neural network that makes the app work. At least Momo states that if you delete any clips you have created, the video in question will be deleted from the developer's servers.

The fact that Zao has viralized instantly in China and is spreading fast. The app is already available on the Brazilian App Store (and almost every other around the world), and although it hasn't popped here, I won't be surprised if this happens this week so wait for a swarm of videos. funny movies or famous series with the face of your friends.

If you are interested in the proposal of the app, feel free to download it but with the awareness that your privacy policy does not inspire much confidence. Zao is one of the first applications of a wave that is just starting, and data as sensitive as our facial information needs to be handled very carefully. Attention always, therefore!

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via B9