China's loss of nearly $ 1 million to Apple could face 10 years in prison

China's loss of nearly $ 1 million to Apple could face 10 years in prison

In early April, we spoke of a case in which two engineering students dealt a blow that yielded a loss of almost $ 1 corn Apple

In brief, Quan jiang and Yangyang Zhou they received packages of 20-30 fake Hong Kong iPhones (each costing about $ 30) and shipped them to Apple, claiming that the devices they said were under warranty and no longer turned on. They have done this over 3,000 times, succeeding in about 1,400 cases. They then took these new gadgets, shipped China, and resold them at market prices. Part of the proceeds of that operation obviously went into the duo's pocket.

The scam worked out basically because Apple can't immediately examine or repair phones that can't be turned on, and because the company has a policy of solving the problem for customers right away, it just went wrong. Everything, however, has a limit, and Apple saw that something was wrong, ending the party.

Jiang (30) confessed to being guilty of trafficking in counterfeit goods; Zhou, accused of presenting false or misleading information in export declarations, has pleaded not guilty.

For the crime, Jiang faces a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, a fine of $ 2,000,000 (or twice their income, whichever is greater), and three years of supervision after release.

The conviction, however, will take place on August 28 before US District Court Judge Anna J. Brown. According to the Bloomberg, the US Attorney's Office recommends a three-year prison sentence and at least $ 200,000 refund Apple and Jiang also lose their 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Coupe black.