China / Venezuela partnership creates € 10 mobile phone

Hugo Chávez had already announced that his country would have a low-cost mobile phone available. In his weekly message to the population, issued yesterday, he kept his promise and announced El Vergatario. The name was chosen for the equipment that will begin to be distributed throughout the country in the coming days, at a price of 10 euros.

The new mobile phone has a camera, Internet connection, MP3 player, games, calendar, among other features, including multimedia.

El Vergatario will have a secure version for government officials and senior state officials, which makes them undetectable to satellites. This ensures that calls made from these devices cannot be located or recorded, the Venezuelan president made it clear in the message quoted by several media outlets.

The new Venezuelan mobile phones are the result of a partnership with China that has already taken ZTE to Venezuela and in October will also take Huawei. These companies provide the technology and the Latin American country ensures the assembly of equipment in local factories.

Image nameThe model negotiated with China is similar to the one that Hugo Chavéz negotiated with Portugal to bring one million Magellan to his country. The first equipment would be produced in Portugal, but in the medium term, factories would be installed in Venezuela, which would assume responsibility for the production of equipment for that country and eventually for other countries in the region.

Editorial Note: The image that illustrates the text captures the moment when Chávez showed the equipment and is displayed by various local media, in the absence of a better quality alternative.