China plans to abolish Windows from its computers by 2020

The Chinese government aims for technology independence from Microsoft and plans to convert all its computers to GNU / Linux by 2020.

China stops using Windows at 2020

Chinese government announces plans to stop using Microsoft platform

It seems that China is really determined to set Microsoft aside, it all started shortly after the release of Windows 8 which was summarily banned in public divisions of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government really relies on GNU / Linux's ability to replace Windows everywhere, both in homes and in public offices, with public offices being a must.

It seems clear to me that this technological independence is not exactly "just" from Microsoft but from anything that comes from the United States, if we take it easy to evaluate, the Chinese company Baidu, is here mocking terrifying tupiniquins, a huge company that has left Google backwards by l, twe will use Linux Deepin It's a great Chinese production too and we can't forget about Ubuntu Kylin, which is Canonical version of the system made especially for the Chinese market.

According to information the idea is able to make the complete computer migration to some version of Linux, probably one that they develop by 2020.

Will it work?

China already uses Ubuntu on the fastest computer in the world, check out. Source

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