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Children's content: where to find it in the quarantine?

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Staying quarantine is difficult for even the most introverted. But those who really suffer from the need to stay at home are the little ones. Naturally agitated, the lack of space to play and lack of contact with other children – especially in the families of an only child – are certainly detrimental to their mental health. One way around this is to present child content that can distract them.

There is no shortage of cultural content available to the little ones. Some streaming services are even dedicated to serving them. That is, it is not necessary to be restricted to just one platform.

In the next paragraphs, we will present some of these platforms, in addition to indicating traditional services that also have a good amount of children's content.

Check out below and see which ones can help your little ones have to do at home!

1. PlayKids

It can be considered the largest platform for children's content on the internet. Present in almost all countries, the content of PlayKids is all aimed at entertaining and educating simultaneously.

This makes PlayKids one of the most complete products for children on the market. It has three children's products, all from the content area. Meet them below:

  • Read more: a reading club, every month your little one receives a kit of physical books at home, according to the chosen subscription. Books can also be purchased separately at the platform's online store;
  • PlayKids app: the application that brings all the audiovisual content of the platform for streaming. It features original animation supplies, digital books and various games to teach children to read and write, in addition to various activities. The content recommended by the app is curated by a team of experts, who take into account the age of the little ones, for example. The app can be downloaded on Android or iPhone;
  • Activity club: full of educational options, this product brings different types of activities and adventures for the little ones, all prepared and recommended according to their age, as in the application for cell phones and internet browsers.

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<h2>2. Discovery Kids Plus</h2>
<p>If you have closed TV service and your little one likes the Discovery Kids channel programs, know that your children's content can also be watched on your smartphone or tablet.</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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That is, in addition to what is happening on television, your child can watch their favorite programs at any time. In addition to the drawings and educational series, the app also features games and varied activities for your children to play.

Discovery Kids Plus is available on both Android and iPhone.

3. YouTube Kids

Does your child usually check the children's content of specialized influencers, but do you worry about him accessing videos that are not suitable for him? You have two options here.

The first is to install a parental control app on your smartphone or tablet. Some options may block inappropriate content.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the conventional app and install only YouTube Kids. In it, only children's content can be watched and anything outside of that cannot be accessed.

The interface is also easier to use, with videos categorized as series, music or vlogs of influencers who work with children's content.

YouTube Kids is available on Android and iPhone!

4. Cartoon Network J!

Just like Discovery Play Kids, the Cartoon Network channel also has a special app for little ones to watch their favorite animators. It is worth mentioning that, with ocoronavrus, the app was released free for 30 days. That is, you can use it even if you are not a subscriber to the TV channel.

In addition to the cartoons, Cartoon Network J! it also brings games and activities for the little ones. All of them with references to their programs, such as Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go, among others.

The Cartoon Network J! can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

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<h2>5. Netflix</h2>
<p>Yes, the almighty Netflix can also be referred to as a children's content app for children. Even though it is one of the most varied movie and series apps in the world, you can create a child's profile on it.</p>
<p>In this modality, Netflix restricts all content with an age rating that does not include children. In this way, you can allow your child to access the application and choose what you want to see without fear of selecting something that does not match your age.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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However, remember to restrict your child's access to other released profiles and don't let them access the app's settings. Any changes must be made by you only!

Download Netflix on your Android or iPhone.

Tip: It's a recommendation for you to check out these pandemic movies on Netflix! They will allow you to understand why the coronavirus is so contagious, but it is important that you do not put the little ones to watch, since the elements of fiction can make them scared!

6. Amazon Prime Video

One of Netflix's main rivals in the world, Amazon Prime Video also has a good collection of children's content. The main Disney films are available in it, in addition to a good amount of drawings and programs for all ages.

Just like any other app that has other types of content besides the child, it is important that you access the app occasionally to check what content is being watched by the child.

Click on the link to get to know Amazon Prime!

Find out more about the coronavirus!

Now that you have some options for children's content to entertain the children who live with you, remember that it is not enough to access the platforms we have created and let go of their smartphones all day long.

Your participation and presence are especially important during this time. It is important to balance activities that they do alone with games that they can do together.

If you work at home, you need to adapt your routine in order to spend quality time with your young children. The quarantine period imposed by the virus also affects them considerably.

Finally, keep learning about Covid-19 by checking out these Instagram profiles about coronavirus that you can't miss!

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