Chester Bennington participated in recording for Apple Music's “Carpool Karaoke” series days before he died [atualizado]

The world especially fans of the band Linkin Park was taken by surprise on the morning of last Thursday (7/20), when the news came out that the singer Chester Bennington another irreparable and very sad loss had been found dead in his home!

Because the deadline brought to light over the weekend something that can cheer up a little the fans who thought they would never see something new from him again: Linkin Park himself had disclosed via Twitter, on July 14, that the band participated (along with actor / comedian Ken Jeong) of recordings for the series “Carpool Karaoke” from Apple Music!

After some delays, Apple confirmed at the end of May that the series will debut on its service streaming on August 8th. It is arriving after a certain delay, and it is obvious that all the first episodes were recorded a long time ago.

I say this because this participation in Linkin Park will probably be for a “second season” (if not a third, huh) of the series on Apple Music. That is, of course, if due to Bennington’s death his broadcast isn’t canceled for some reason, let’s hope it doesn’t happen

RIP, Chester.

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Update 08/15/2017 s 18:33

In a statement granted Associated Press just last week, James Corden He said that the decision to broadcast or not the episode will be the responsibility of the Bennington family and the people involved is nothing more than fair. "I see no other way for us to deal with this," said the presenter and producer.

Not only that, but the subject has obviously not even been discussed between them. At the moment, after all

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