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Cherry Menstrual Calendar – How Does It Work? Download, Functions and Positive and Negative Points

To control the body I need to know it. Every woman's body goes through hormonal changes every month and this makes monitoring the menstrual cycle extremely important. This way, by observing the signs, the woman will know exactly what and when will happen to her body. It is possible to plan trips, romantic evenings and even the arrival of a baby. The Cherry Menstrual Calendar is one of the most complete and free apps in this segment.

Its simple, straightforward interface is very practical to use. It is easy to follow the menstrual cycle, in addition to other female care, creating and offering a professional health report. As the days go by and the daily reports are completed correctly, the application will be able to draw a forecast of your menstruation, based on the order of symptoms prior to the arrival of the chico.

Want to learn more about Cherry, the free menstrual tracker available for Android and iOS? Read on.

Cherry Menstrual Calendar

How to download?

The free Cherry app is available for both iOS and Android. To download just go to your smartphone store (Google Play or App Store) and type “Cherry” in the search. Search for the app and click.

Open the page with all information about it, including comments from other users, photos and other details. Click "Install" and the download will automatically begin. Then the app be installed on your device.

Because it is free, there are ads in the application, but nothing that prevents or hinders the use. There is the paid option, which eliminates all advertisements and still releases other functions and content.

What functions does the app offer?

The application works by controlling everything that involves the menstrual period: days of menstruation, flow, mood, symptoms and others. Basically, it acts as an agenda where you can report all the details and information about the menstrual cycle. This helps to control and know the body better. According to the information you add, the app can predict when the next period will be, for example.

Among the functions of the application, we highlight:

  • Tracker and period reminder;
  • Daily report made with the information you add;
  • Menstruation and ovulation calendar;
  • Female Community – You can share experiences with other girls using the app.

In other words, use Cherry to record everything that happens to your body during its cycle. This helps to control and know what will happen, such as the date of your ovulation and the risk percentage of a pregnancy.

Cherry Menstrual Calendar

How it works

Both on Android and iOS, the application works pretty much the same. With the app already installed, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the application and follow the guide, filling in all the requested information;
  2. Check the calendar to make notes such as your mood, for example;
  3. To enable notifications, click on the "I" page.

The very clean and intuitive interface, which facilitates the use. Just keep track of the calendar and enjoy the best free menstrual tracker out there.

On the first screen you will have the basic information and the social network of the app. In the second, called calendar, you can add the information for your day.


The app does much more than just track the menstrual cycle. Cherry is great for helping to improve your quality of life, helping you to remember to exercise, to drink water, and more.

The positives of Cherry are:

  • Simple and straightforward interface;
  • Allows you to enter password
  • Ovulation countdown;
  • Pregnancy rate percentage;
  • Social network within the app, allowing exchange of experiences and tips;
  • Daily report;
  • Symptom and exercise control;
  • Shows the prediction of menstruation based on the daily report;
  • Calendar is easy to understand.

Negative points

Because Cherry is simple and easy to use, there are no negative points to its usability, but some features are available only for the premium account, which pays.

  • It has ads in the free version;
  • Access to limited health content.

The paid version for Android costs $ 10.99 per year and in addition to eliminating the ads, frees full access to all health related content. These contents help to answer questions related to women's health, sex and other similar topics.