iPhone 7 Plus jet black tilted back

Check which countries the iPhones 7/7 Plus will be on sale by the end of October [atualizado: mais]

The iPhones 7/7 Plus were launched on September 16 in some parts of the world (more specifically, in 29 countries. Gradually, however, Apple is taking its new smartphones to the rest of the world.

iPhone 7 Plus jet black tilted back

On September 23, a week after launch, another 30 countries received iPhones. In early October, the recipients were: India (on the 7th), followed by South Africa, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro and Turkey (on the 14th), in addition to Jordan and Oman (on the 15th).

Yesterday, Apple released the release dates in other countries. Check out:

  • October 20: Egypt and Israel.
  • October 21st: Colombia, South Korea, Madagascar, Morocco, Mauritius and Thailand.
  • October 28: Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Moldova, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda.

The devices are reaching many countries, but the stocks of the Plus model are far from ideal, especially when it comes to the new black colors matte (matte) and glossy (jet black). So, if you intend to buy yours in any of these countries, keep an eye on tools like iStockNow to check if the model you want has the location where you intend to buy.

In our Brazil manly, the bet is that the devices arrive only on November 18 costing from R $ 3,499.

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And not to say that I didn’t mention the flowers, Apple Watch Series 2 it was also first launched (September 16) in the same countries as the iPhone 7, with the exception of the US Virgin Islands and Mexico. Also in September (the 23rd), the clock reached 20 more countries. In October, India received the device on the 7th – and the next countries are Thailand, South Korea and Colombia on the 21st.

Wet Apple Watch Series 2 models

In Brazil, the Series 2 will arrive on October 28, as we have already told here.

The model Apple Watch Hermès was launched on September 23 in 18 countries and the Apple Watch Nike + will launch worldwide in 36 countries on October 28th.

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Update, for Rafael Fischmann · Oct 21, 2016 at 15:36

A few more countries will receive iPhones 7/7 Plus in day November 4thaccording to 9to5Mac: Armenia, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Central African Republic.

The reader Michael Rachid also informed us that Apple resellers in the Chile announced today that they will pre-order the devices from October 28 and that they will also be launched there on 4/11.