Check the health of your iPhone's battery by checking charge cycles

Check the health of your iPhone's battery by checking charge cycles

With the iPhone's battery cycles, it is possible to check the battery's real health, and there may even be a warranty change.

How many battery charge cycles have you performed on your iPhone? This information is very useful if your iPhone has reached less than 80% maximum battery capacity and before reaching the 500 full charge cycles. If this is the case for you, and the device is still within the 1 year warranty, you can request Apple replacing the iPhone battery free of charge.

One tells complete cycle charge when you use (discharge) an amount equivalent to 100% of the battery's capacity, but not necessarily a charge. If you use 75% of the battery capacity in one day, then give it a full charge overnight, and then use 25% the next day, if you have discharged 100%, and the two days will equal a charge cycle. Thus, a charge cycle may vary depending on the use of your iPhone.

In addition to checking that your iPhone need an exchange, knowing this information helps a lot when buying or selling a iPhone It is used, so you will know exactly if the battery health is good or already has a problem. Check out our tutorial now.

Check the maximum battery capacity

The first step is to check the maximum battery capacity of the iPhone. This measure is a percentage, which indicates how much the battery is capable of charging when compared to a new battery. To check, follow the steps:

  1. We Settings iPhone, select Drums and after that, Battery Health.