Check out unboxings, first impressions and benchmarks of the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

After months of waiting, the new Mac pro it's the Pro Display XDR They are already between us.

As for most of us, mere mortals, this “between us” is a mere power license, nothing better than reveling in the way we can: checking out Ma's new beauties in videos, explorations and benchmarks.

Let's have a look at everything?

To begin, it is worth checking the Mondays prints of Marques Brownlee (he was already using the machine a few weeks ago, along with two XDR Pro Displays) on the Mac Pro. In the video, we can see the details of the colossal box that comes with the computer that even has two Velcro straps on the side to Help unbox the tower.

O YouTuber It also shows the peripherals that come with the new Mac Pro.

As we have already noted, the Magic keyboard, O Magic trackpad it's the Magic mouse that come with the computer are totally black they differ from the accessories in space gray in presenting a "common" silver finish, but with darker black details. If you liked the look, it might be good not to get so excited: as you noticed 9to5Mac, these peripheral versions come exclusively with the new Mac Pro and at the will be sold separately (at least for now).

Brownlee also did some speed tests and benchmarks with the new machine. Mac Pro's Geekbench score was the highest ever seen by YouTuber under any circumstances: 1,180 single core measurement points, and absurd 21,303 points in the middle multi-core! Computer SSD nearly crashed 3GB / s at read and write speeds, which is insane. 🤯

For a more real idea of ​​what the new Mac Pro can do, Brownlee also measured the rendering / transcoding time of a 5-minute 8K project made in Final Cut Pro X. On the new 16-inch MacBook Pro (a very powerful computer in its own merit), the task took about 20 minutes; on the iMac Pro, it was just over 11 minutes. The new Mac Pro just needed 4 minutes to do the same thing. impressive!

Another interesting video is the YouTuber Jonathan Morrison, which shows the insides of the new computer in detail and recounts his two-week experiences with the machine, in which he collaborated with artists and professionals from various fields simply to create things with the new Mac Pro. The result? Unsurprisingly, the computer handled absolutely every task without literally chirping: Morrison says the machine remains completely silent even when working at full power.

Morrison also brought the unboxing Pro Display XDR and $ 1,000 Pro Stand. It is worth noting here how the monitor and the stand connect instantly through ms Extremely strong just pull the panel closer to the accessory and they will unite with the force of magnetism.

In one more measure of benchmarksMorrison evoked the Cinebench R20, which is used to analyze the performance of a machine in the field of graphics, video rendering and 3D modeling. The new Mac Pro received a score of 9,918, almost unique in the consumer industry.

Finally, the YouTuber iJustine appealed by doing the unboxing Mac Pro, two XDR Pro Displays, and two Pro Stands. It makes a good visual comparison between the peripherals in space gray and black, as well as demonstrating in practice how fast the machine is in video editing.

Bonus: Pro Display XDR Compatibility

New version of Final Cut Pro X running on Pro Display XDR

This may sound new to some of you, but Pro Display XDR is not only compatible with the new Mac Pro, it can also connect to some other Apple computers. The full list of compatible machines is on the new specs page. monitor, and you can check it out below:

  • Mac pro (2019) with connected GPU graphics expansion architecture MPX Module;
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch (2018);
  • MacBook Pro 16 inch (2019);
  • iMac 21.5 inch (2019);
  • iMac 27 inch (2019);
  • Any Mac with Thunderbolt 3 port connected to a Blackmagic eGPU (“common” or Pro type).

Did you notice any absence on the list? Yes, for some reason, the iMac Pro It is out of the list of compatible Macs by default which is odd considering the less powerful “traditional” iMac is included. If the intentional omission or a simple mistake by Apple, we will have to wait and see.

via 9to5Mac