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Check out two new concepts: OS X “Get Info” window and Apple TVs software

Although it did not change the structure of the system as a whole, the Yosemite (new version of Apple's desktop operating system, to be released soon) bringing many new visual features to OS X.

Apparently, the “Get Information” window (which, as the name says, brings information about a particular file to access it, just click with the right mouse button on top of a file and choose the correct option or press Command + I) something that bothers the people of Ramotion, Inc. and so they decided to reimagine what it could be like in this new system.

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Apple recently released a new beta version of the Apple TVs for developers. The novelty that, finally, she slapped the visual leaving it in accordance with the languages ​​of iOS 7/8 and OS X Yosemite.

The truth is, however, that many of us expect a general makeover in the set-top box It is not just a visual change. Even so, what Apple did was just change the cones and the source of the system, the rest remains the same thing.

Even before Apple released this new version, Ukrainian designer Dmitriy Thomas thought about how this new look could be in a slightly more elaborate way.

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Concept - Apple TV

Without a doubt, Apple can still improve things a lot for your set-top box.

(OS X concept: via 9to5Mac; Apple TV concept: tip from William Garcia)