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Check out the news of Android Jelly Bean 4.2

jelly bean Google announces Android 4.2 with Photo Sphere, Smart Keyboard and Google Now enhancements

Google has announced Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), an updated version of the mobile operating system that keeps the same nomenclature but brings a lot of news.

Photo Sphere

With the slogan of a new Jelly Bean flavor, Android 4.2 incorporates a more complex panorama effect, Photo Sphere, which lets you record everything above, below or around the user, creating images similar to Street View.

With Android 4.2, snapshots are taken in various directions and come together in amazing spheres you took from the scene itself. The spheres can be viewed on your phone, shared on Google+, or even added to Google Maps, Google has published.

Gesture Typing

Also new is the arrival of a smart keyboard, Gesture Typing. With the new feature, Android users can simply slide their fingers over the letters they want to type and lift after each word. The spaces are added automatically.

The keyboard can anticipate and predict the next word, so you can finish whole sentences just by selecting suggested words. Android dictionaries are more accurate and relevant, and voice recognition capability works even offline.


Confirming the recent rumors, Android 4.2 now supports multi-users.

Each family member, for example, can have their own fully customized space, with background, widgets, applications, and games (including information such as scores and levels) that alternate using the system's multitasking capability.

However, Google has warned that the feature is only present on tablets.

Wireless display

Android 4.2 also supports streaming equipment to share what's on the device screen. You can view movies, YouTube videos or anything on your screen on an HDTV via a wireless adapter.

Google Now

In this new version of Google Now where users can now view popular photos nearby, track packages, and find shows and movies now also provide flight, restaurant reservations, hotel reservations, and transportation information.