check out the new iPhone’s differentials in videos!

# iPhone6snoMM: check out the new iPhone's differentials in videos!

collaboration: Breno Masi

In our unboxing of iPhone 6s it was clear that, at least in its housing, little has changed in the device compared to its predecessor. Visually, the only differences are the new pink gold color, the inscription ?s? and the abandonment of regulatory agency markings on the back of the device. Inside, however, a lot has changed.

We decided to highlight the main changes of the iPhone 6s for you in videos so that you understand and stay on top of everything. Let’s go?

3D Touch

Trackpad function

Live Photos

Animated wallpapers

True Tone front flash

?And Siri? without the iPhone charging

Touch ID performance comparison

Boot test (boot)

· · ·

Do these differentials justify the exchange? Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 6 to 6s? This is a very personal question, which we will try to answer in our first impressions article and in the future in a complete review.

Stay tuned!