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Check out the new alpha version of Poweramp for Android

Poweramp is one of the best known music players for Android, and perhaps one of the ugliest visually. The app developer has now submitted a build of alpha from version 3 of the player. Here are the changes to this version and download the app on your Android.

Editor's Note: Before installing alpha, you need to back up Poweramp V2, application settings and data, otherwise all this information will be lost.

Meet the new Poweramp for Android

The new Poweramp brings a lot of changes, but the main ones, according to the developer, are audio processing and visualizations. In addition, the alpha version also brings the following improvements:

  • Support for opus, tak, mka, dsf and dff formats;
  • Support for third party plugins;
  • Support for milkdrop presets;
  • Support for version 1 and 2 presets;
  • APK support for third party presets.

The alpha version comes with some limitations: only devices running ARM are compatible, themes are not yet supported and some bugs can happen. During my use, the app ran without problems, crashes or bugs. Alpha comes with 2 weeks of Poweramp premium, a good opportunity for those who don't know and want to try it. For the full list of news, just check out the changelog on the Poweramp forum.

In addition to the internal news, the new version also gained a new user interface that, although not yet Material Design, has greatly improved over the V2. Check it out below:

poweramp music
New interface has greatly improved / ANDROIDPIT
poweramp music1
Two ways of visualization. / ANDROIDPIT

The round buttons are still present, but so discreet they can even be ignored. The look is a bit cleaner, although there is plenty of room for improvement. The views are working perfectly, and the pop-up menus are more concise and straightforward.

The presence of a hamburger / side menu is one of the few aspects of the material design present in the application, however, it is not ubiquitous, which is somewhat annoying. The distribution of the icons has greatly improved, making it easier and easier to find what you want.

poweramp popups
Poweramp pop-up menus. / ANDROIDPIT
poweramp menus
Redundant menus are still present in the new Poweramp. / ANDROIDPIT

How to install Poweramp on your Android

To install Poweramp on your Android, download the APK directly to your smartphone or tablet; Be sure to allow applications from unknown sources to be installed in the configurations. For those who prefer the finished version, Poweramp costs 99 cents in the Play Store.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Install on Google Play

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