Check out the most expensive items and skins in the game

CS: GO: Check out the most expensive items and skins in the game

Understand how the CS: GO skin market moves thousands of dollars daily and its most expensive items today

In the advent of online games, one of the things that has always caught the attention of players is the skins. Those cosmetic items that change the appearance of characters and weapons, and that are objects of greed among the most assiduous of that game.

With a vast market for skins to be explored daily by players and even by specialized stores, we decided to put together a list with the skins most expensive today in CS: GO, one of the most famous multiplayer in the world, and also how this millionaire market works.

However, before we list the skins, we need to understand how the pricing of these items works and how small things can change hundreds of reais. There are 3 important factors that determine the value of a skin in the CS: GO:

Float (Fluctuation)

The first assessment that must be done is the float of the weapon. Float is a base number that defines the wear of that item. It is fractioned from 0 to 1 (0.1… 0.2) and, the higher the value, the greater the wear on that item and, consequently, the lower its value.


THE StatTrak, as the name says, evaluates the statistics of that weapon and measures the amount of kills (deaths) performed by a player using that weapon. The higher the number, the higher its value, as players often covet the history of items like war medals. There are 4 types of cosmetic items in CS: GO, which are firearms, knives, gloves and stickers, so this StatTrak ends up counting only for firearms and knives.


Of course, rarity is always an important issue in CS: GO, so items that are exclusive to events or that have a harder time appearing are the ones that generate the greatest commotion of those who collect Skins. There are also items that receive nicknames from the community because of their coloring, such as Blue Gem, Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald, since besides the differentiated aesthetics they are more complicated to achieve.

CS: GO skinsBlue Gem knife example in CS: GO.

Stores to buy CS: GO skins

At skins in CS: GO can be acquired in numerous ways within the game, and from there there is the market within the Steam, where the community can sell and exchange items from the platform games in an official and safe way. The big problem is that this money gets stuck in steam and there is no way to transfer it to a bank account for example.

Then the external stores come in to buy skins CS: GO, such as DMarket, which offer this service of buying, selling and exchanging items, with the possibility of moving these large amounts outside the restricted Steam.

Most expensive CS: GO items today

I’ve sorted out some of the most expensive in-game items sold in stores outside the Steam, so that you can get an idea of ​​how big this market that moves thousands of dollars can be daily.

M4A4 | Howl

CS: GO: Check out the most expensive items and skins in the game

The weapon with the highest market value that during our investigation was M4A4 | Howl, with exterior: Field tested. Worth more than one thousand and one hundred dollars, the equivalent of about 4 thousand and 600 reais. Steam weapon description:

“More accurate and less powerful than the AK-47, its counterpart, the M4A4 is the CT’s automatic assault rifle. This weapon was painted with the design of a ferocious wolf. ”

Sports Gloves (?) | Addiction

CS: GO: Check out the most expensive items and skins in the game

This glove is the second most valuable item to date, and is worth just over a thousand dollars, about 4 thousand and 300 reais. Steam item description:

“The synthetic fabric provides resistance and a unique look to these athletic gloves. These synthetic gloves were made from high-performance fabrics in pink and blue. ”

Butterfly Knife (? StatTrak ™) | Gradient

CS: GO: Check out the most expensive items and skins in the game

The third on our list is a knife that is worth more than $ 830, something around 3,500 reais. Steam item description:

“This is a butterfly knife. The biggest feature of this type of weapon is the way it opens, spinning freely in a rotating motion that allows for a quick serve. As a consequence, carrying a butterfly knife is prohibited in many countries. This weapon was painted using transparent paints with the use of an airbrush, which are mixed over a chrome coating. This is not just a weapon, it is a good topic for conversation – Imogen, arms dealer in training. ”

Of course, there are weapons and skins cheap, which cost a few cents and can be purchased more easily by the player community. If you want to become a millionaire investor, or just leave your weapons with a stylish design, you can check out the skins for CS: GO and fill the cart.