Check out the list of smartphones that emit the most radiation

We know that radiation is present in various objects around us, including the mobile phone, which we stay in contact with most of the day. But do you know which recent models on the market emit the highest radiation rates?

A study by Bundesamt fr Strahlenschutz, which is responsible for certifying mobile devices for the Blue Angel security agency, reveals in a list which are the smartphones of the world market that emit the most radiation.

First is the Xiaomi Mi A1, followed by the One Plus 5T, but what stands out most on the list is the presence of six Huawei models, which is a bit worrying and shows that the Chinese company needs to change this in future releases. Another point that also draws attention is the absence of Samsung smartphones. Check out the full list just below the 16 most emitting radiators.

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List of major radiation emitters / statista
<p>This is not to say that you will die or get sick from having one of these smartphones on the list, since all these numbers are below the levels that may worry the authorities, but simple habits like avoiding sleeping with the next handset are essential to avoid any kind of problem for our health.</p>
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And you have any of these smartphones on the list?

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