check out the line of routers and accessories launched at CES 2017

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

ASUS took advantage of CES 2017 to launch several gadgets and gamer hardware. Among them, the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router and …

THE ASUS took advantage of CES 2017 to launch 2 new smartphones, a monitor gamer with 4K / UHD resolution, the ultraportable notebook Zenbook 3 Deluxe and several other new features. Among them are new routers (including one specific for gamers) and line accessories Republic of Gamers (ROG), which we comment on below. Check out:

Gamer Router (ROG Rapture GT-AC5300):

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

THE ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is the first router created specifically for games. The model has technology WiFi Tri-Band (connects with 3 simultaneous WiFi frequencies), in addition to 08 gigabit-LAN ​​ports. The set runs with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, which allows quick and adequate connection for those looking for faster and smoother gameplay.

The main novelty for players is the Gaming Center, a system that provides an overview and instant overview of the network connection. With that, players can check the status and stability of the internet connection, check which devices gamers are online and what applications are working. According to the company, the Gaming Center it also helps to control the home network easily, with many options in one click; it also displays ping from the server for the most popular games from around the world.

THE GT-AC5300 it is the first router to offer the user three levels of game acceleration. Two of the eight LAN ports prioritize network traffic for devices connected to them. It also offers a game boost that works together the ports and that prioritizes the flow for the best network speed, as well as for individual speeds for each connected device. Users also have the possibility to set up a private network to speed up the connection between the router and their favorite game servers.

THE Game Invasion Prevention System (Game IPS, English) offers integrated security using company technology Trend Micro that provides frontline protection for the gaming network. IPS allows computer antivirus and firewall to be temporarily disabled during gaming sessions, allowing the CPU to increase its performance and improve game speeds – preventing the flow from being blocked.

As for the price and availability for the Brazilian market, the company still does not have confirmations. But we here Showmetech we are already looking forward to getting a test model to assess whether the enhanced features of this router really make a difference.

Gamers motherboards

The ROG line models are available in ATX, mATX and Mini-TX formats.

Built with Intel Z270 chipset and prepared for 7th generation of processors Intel Core (‘Kaby Lake’), at motherboards ROG and ROG Strix have several innovations and exclusive technologies and deliver great performance for all gamers. The line ROG includes the plates Extreme, Formula, Hero, in addition to the new models Code and Apex.

The company announced the new line of motherboards ROG Strix with models developed for each type of gamer: ROG Strix Z270E Gaming, ROG Strix Z270F Gaming, ROG Strix Z270H Gaming all ATX, ROG Strix Z270G Gaming in mATX format and mini-TX ROG Strix Z270I Gaming. With unique angular patterns inspired by the design of a sword, the products have a very interesting and bold look, in addition to the polychrome logo ROG reflected in a diamond-cut metal plate. All are compatible with the technology SupremeFX, which gives the player a high quality audio experience, with the synchronized lighting pattern Aura Sync RGB. For more details on each one, check out this post.

Gamers Peripherals

Yes, now even your microphone gains a gamer feel with the ROG Strix Magnus.

THE ROG Strix Magnus, the first microphone from ROG, has a studio-quality three-capsule condenser that can achieve greater sharpness and sensitivity. Compact, this is the first in the gaming industry to offer the Environmental-noise cancellation (ENC), capable of canceling out exterior sound, and has lighting effects Aura RGB customizable. It also has an auxiliary port for recording audio from a musical instrument or smartphone, as well as an external USB port for connecting additional devices.

ROG Gladius II

ROG Gladius II is an optical mouse for FPS games, with lighting Aura Sync RGB and buttons Omron that support 50 million clicks. THE ROG Gladius II offers the freedom to customize click resistance and extend mouse life. In addition, it has a DPI button that allows you to change the sensitivity, immediately changing the precision levels.

ROG Strix Evolve

ROG Strix Evolve is a mouse with variable shape design and lighting Aura Sync RGB. The easily modifiable upper part covers four different ergonomic designs, making the mouse equally comfortable for right- and left-handed gamers. With a duration of 50 million clicks, the buttons on the Omron will ensure that the most used parts resist extra clicks.

ROG Strix Impact

ROG Strix Impact is a compact and ergonomic ambidextrous mouse designed for maximum comfort during gaming marathons MOBA. The ilumination Aura Sync RGB offers custom customizations and buttons Omron offer a lifetime of 50 million clicks. THE Rog Strix Impact it also comes with a two-level DPI button for switching dots per inch (DPI) and an indicator to show the current setting level.

GX970 Mouse

And, closing the line, the GX970 is a wired mouse that has a detachable side plate with optimized layouts and keys that can be configured in different scenarios. The standard faceplate has two buttons ideal for lighting and general computer use that can be changed by a panel with 10 buttons, perfect for issuing quick commands during intense gameplay. THE GTX970 it also has an internal memory and intuitive software that allows gamers to create and store three different profiles. In addition, the speed control can be changed from 50 to 12000 DPI and a customizable weight system allows gamers to adjust it according to their personal preferences.

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