Check out the best apps for you to enjoy Carnival - either on the street or in the comfort of your sofa!

Check out the best apps for you to enjoy Carnival – either on the street or in the comfort of your sofa!

J Carnival, City! Whatever your feelings are regarding those five days (or more, depending on where you are) when the country basically goes into sleep mode to dance and stuff its face even in power anymore, the fact that it is very difficult to escape carnival festivities.

For this reason, Apple published a special page on App Store indicating apps that will help potential revelers to enjoy Carnival with a little more organization if you are looking for some degree of organization in the middle of the party, that is.

Wow! Wow! We are just hours from Carnival! We here at the App Store do not look forward to the revelry with our fantasies of Pokmon!

The selection of applications brings, for starters, titles with information about the events and blocks of the main cities of the Brazilian Carnival, between Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, So Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

CarnaBlocos 2020 app icon - SP and RJ

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2020 app icon

Carnival 2020 Street Blocks app icon

PE app icon at Carnival 2020

App icon Where's my trio?

Sorry, app not found.

Sympla app icon: Shows, Parties and Courses

BSB Carnaval app icon

Ticket360 app icon

Quick Ticket app icon

Eventbrite app icon

· • ·

Next, we have a list of fun camera apps for folies to come up with costume ideas and make funny creations with their special outfits for the party.

Clips app icon


in Apple

Compatible with iPadsCompatible with iPhones

Version 2.1 (180.2 MB) Requires iOS 13.0 or superior

Fade It app icon

Filmr app icon: Edit videos and movies

TikTok app icon

Pixel Art Camera app icon

Artisto app icon - artistic filters for video and photo

Prisma Photo Editor app icon

Triller app icon: Social Video Platform

Stayfilm app icon

MSQRD app icon - Live filters for video selfies

Sorry, app not found.

· • ·

As it could not be otherwise, the third part of the page, suggestively called “The waters will roll”, brings a series of flirting applications for you to not spend the solitary Carnival (if that is a problem, anyway?) .

Happn app icon - dating app

Bumble app icon

LOVOO ® app icon

Tinder app icon

Poppin app icon


in Poppin

Compatible with iPhonesCompatible with iMessage

Version 7.6.0 (100.6 MB) Requires iOS 10.3 or superior

Grindr app icon - Gay chat

HER: Lesbian Dating & Chat App app icon

Feeld app icon - Dating

Badoo app icon - Friendships and meetings

Hornet - Gay Social Network app icon

· • ·

Next, the App Store team also lists a selection of taxi, ride and public transport apps for you to safely arrive and return from the party.

Femitaxi app icon - Just for Women

Go Taxi app icon - Your taxi app

Uber app icon

Lady Driver Passenger app icon

Moovit app icon: Public Transport

Easy app icon, a Cabify app

BlaBlaCar app icon

· • ·

Finally, if the idea of ​​being in the middle of millions of people jumping incessantly not exactly on your beach, the page also brings some apps from national broadcasters where you can watch the whole binge comfortably from your couch (or any other part of furniture of your choice).

Globoplay app icon

BAND app icon

TV SBT app icon

Sorry, app not found.

· • ·

Now that you've checked out Apple's tips, stick with mine: if you're looking to use some of these apps in the middle of the fun, please be sure to take care and take your precious iPhone in a doleira or other accessory more protected than a pocket.


If you are stolen, remember the Activation Lock feature, block your WhatsApp account and do not fall for scams. phishing that walk around the city.

In short: take care and have fun!