Check out the best Android games of all time

From the first titles on the Google Play Store to apps that broke records last year, know the best Android games you need to play.

Be free or paid, in big ones game producers for consoles or stratups modest of indie titles, we have separated the best games from Android that you need to know. We have compiled some franchises on this list, such as angry Birds and The Room, in addition to separate titles and absolute successes.

To help you choose which one will be next in your download queue at Google Play Store, instead of following a launch order or sorting by financial success, we decided to follow an order of our preference, placing the most iconic at the top of the list. Check out!

fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja application, a katana crosses the screen cutting kiwi, watermelon and a pineapple, with combo multiplier Fruit juice and katana. Want a better match than that? (Disclosure)

A classic of the touch era (which came at the same time as the first popular iPod / iPhone and Android devices), Fruit Ninja made the diversion of players who wanted to enjoy the touch on the screen full power. The feeling of cut fruit in midair until then it could not be replicated by competitors after all, there is nothing like juice being spread!

But don't be fooled: the combos insist on the player's ability to calculate the path traced by the finger (or rather, the blade) and to catch the perfect moment taking into account the gravity of the objects thrown in his field of vision.

Proof of success is the fact that today you can find ports of the game made for basically all operating systems, including PlayStation 4, some virtual reality glasses and even a version for Kinect (Xbox 360), which was a reasonable success in its launch.

angry Birds

Angry Birds app: Chuck tossed towards the green pigs, earning 2500 points. The setting is a cave.The game is a classic that currently won up to a film franchise (Disclosure)

In angry Birds, hurl birds with a slingshot to destroy the scenery and kill green pigs. As you can see throughout this list, colors and gameplay made for children seem to be the formula for success.

This is a game that borrowed the idea of ​​the flash game Crush the Castle to create the basis of his mechanics, which yielded 17 sequences with gender variables – including a fun pinball!

In a nutshell, the story consists of pigs who want to eat the eggs of the birds and you need to prevent using different birds with unique skills: one of them divides into 3 smaller birds, the other a boomerang and the last one lays eggs after a second touch on the screen, for example. An simple proposal, with a considerable degree of difficulty for those who want to catch all the stars at all levels. It is a curious fact that the enemies (pigs) were chosen only because the flu was on the rise at that time.

Five years after the launch, the franchise had a total of 3 billion downloads, being the most downloaded of all time. Unfortunately, at the end of last year, the first game (along with others from developer Rovio) was removed app stores. Unless you have already installed it, today you can only play the sequel, Angry Birds 2, and others based on this game, such as Rio, Star Wars and Transformers.

Temple Run 2

Two screens of Temple Run 2: left, character is in mining car running on rail. right, player goes down a river.No matter the scenario: in this endless game there are no repetitions (Reproduction; Pinterest / Goodapps)

Temple Run 2 and its famous predecessor are endless platform games, with randomly generated scenarios to entertain you. The control of the character is very simple, since you only have to tilt the screen sideways or move your finger on the screen to avoid obstacles.

The only goal collect coins and survive as long as possible, even though there are challenges extras you can choose from. The game proposal resembles games like Subway Surfers (which came 1 year after the original Temple Run) and Minion Rush (months after Temple Run 2).

Seasonally, there are new characters and maps to enjoy the game without getting tired sometimes paid with the game's own currency or free. Last year, the frequency increased significantly, as we had events like “Holiday Havoc” (Christmas), “Spooky Ridge” (Halloween) and the “Holi Festival”. With such additions, the useful life of the Android game only increases.

candy Crush Saga

Candy crush app, with a target score of 5500 points, showing sweets of various shapes and colors. The “hype” is quite justified. If you haven't played yet, you need to give it a try (Disclosure)

This game a fever that cannot be ignored. Months before it was launched as a free app, in 2012, the hit Candy Crush arrived first as a game on Facebook. The following year it became the most downloaded on iOS and had almost 7 million active users daily.

To play, listen to at least three candies of the same color, earn points and you will see new colored candies for you to destroy. intuitive gameplay that tends to catch on. It is worth remembering that the idea is far from original, since it borrows part of mechanics to match classic colors Tetris and the Bejeweled series.

In-app purchases, as resources to unlock levels, even if made by 2% of users, the developer King saw a financial return with the growing addiction of its fans. The surprising thing is that even in 2018, total user spending hit 4.2 million dollars a day with transactions. In July of the same year, he would have collected, since its launch, a total of 17 billion reais.

clash of clans

Clash of clans app, battlefield full of tombs, with dragees and attack troops.When thinking about winning trophies, setting up the defense the least of your worries (Disclosure)

In this strategy game for Android, the main objective is to attack or defend your village and, of course, to win trophies midway. With a mechanic that is very familiar to anyone who is addicted to board games, the title was launched in 2013 (one year after reaching iOS) and has already raised 1.5 million dollars a day.

You build your cl, train troops and choose between attacking, defending or going to Clan Wars, which in clans shared with up to 50 other players play against another cl) in online disputes. Clash of Clans also resembles another classic for PC, Travian, so much so that he was directly cited by his creators multiple times as the main inspiration and we can clearly see the similarity in the way he deals with resources and constructions in the village.

The gain of experience and skill is the basis of the game, so just think about playing if you want to dedicate several hours of your week. It is also worth mentioning the successor, Clash Royale, who was also successful: last year, he completed his 3rd birthday and celebrated with the profit of 2.5 billion of dollars.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride, Barry Steakfries chasing the golden dragon power-up, about to collect diamonds and coins. The vehicles let you follow the path with random obstacles in a very fun way (Disclosure)

Jetpack Joyride one sidescroller, a type of game in which you accompany the character in a scenario that runs sideways. With a simple touch of the screen, you activate the propulsion of your powerful jetpack and going up or down will avoid obstacles and get special items, thanks to this success for Android.

Vehicles like “money bird”, motorcycle and a supersonic rocket end up making each game a unique experience, no matter how repetitive the scenario, we admit. Frequent missions won't let you get sick of the app anytime soon.

Even with several updates over time, to think that a game with such quality is still relevant almost a decade later (launched in 2011) proof of how good and yet relevant Jetpack it became.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure: Alto runs away from the village mounted on an alpaca, just before reaching a windmill and jumping a rock.Risk taking a 360 in the snow sounds exciting to you? (Reproduction; YouTube)

That indie game look don't fool anyone (in the best possible way): Alto’s Adventure wins for its art spectacular and simple mechanics. When touching the screen, the protagonist jumps. When pressing the screen while it is in midair, Alto turns anti-clockwise. Thus, the adventure becomes a challenge to deal with physics ramps, descents and slippery terrain, avoiding rocks and enemies.

To keep your momentum (linear moment) in the long run, you need to calculate each touch very well. Glide over flags and other multiplier constructions indicated by the character's scarf (the longer, the better your performance). These are details that make the gameplay deep enough for any first-time player.

As you may have guessed, be prepared to deal with randomly generated scenarios and repetitive terrain enough for you to become familiar with. The sequence Alto’s Odyssey, which takes the same logic and changes the context / scenario, another good request for those who enjoy Alto’s Adventure.

Bubble Shooter Legend

Bubble shooter application: left, a screen shows the perfect target (Perfect!) When shooting the blue bubble on a hexagonal grid. right, a red bubble performing combo.“Manjada” proposal with brilliant gameplay (Disclosure; edited)

You certainly played a game with that same look or proposal, either on the computer or Android. The idea is to shoot pearls to knock out others of the same color and complete the level. this is how Bubble Shooter Legend conquered the public, with the “almost subconscious” mechanics that everyone knows.

The description of the game on the Play Store itself already indicates another point in common with other animated titles here in this list: “Cute dragon puppies increase their points”Which is definitely not the kind of thing you read every day. But don't be fooled, because multipliers and maps with different difficulty levels balance your gambling, which can be both frustrating and quite pleasurable. It all depends on the way the bubble you throw bounces against the others.

Another detail that deserves to be mentioned: the satisfaction of break lines in sequence It is a way of reaffirming that an Android app can still be as enjoyable as a major release for next generation consoles.

Pokmon Go

Pokemon go: left screen shows Squirtle about to be captured. right, the trainer in a pokestop.One of the few cases where we are happy to say that the fever is not over yet (Reproduo; Reddit / Freepak)

Fever of years ago, Pokmon Go is still widely played by fans of other Pokmon and even by those who discovered this (classic) universe in 2016, with the launch of the game that took a few good weeks to reach the Brazilian territory. At the time, it was even more accessed than other popular Android apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tinder.

The technology of augmented reality smartphone used in this game. This time, the function makes you walk around the real world (along with GPS tracking) and hunt pokmon in full public space, such as offices, squares and even church doors.

In the first month he broke records like the mobile game that raised the most in this period (206 million dollars), the most downloaded (130 million) and the faster to yield $ 100 million (20 days). If you thought the fever was momentary, make a mistake: just last year, he raised 900 million dollars with internal purchases. Therefore, the dispute is still alive; just download and get in line.

Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile application, start of the match on the Standoff map (Black Ops 2).The best of console FPS is now on mobile (Reproduction; Riotpixels)

The popular name for PC / console gamers, after all, Call of Duty is one of the most profitable franchises in history, behind only Mario and Pokmon. If you consider that they raise almost $ 1 billion a year with its annual titles, it is not surprising to know that the Call of Duty: Mobile app is also so successful that it broke the Pokmon Go record mentioned above (148 million downloads in the first month).

A difference, which appeared only in the last titles for console, the inclusion of Battle Royale mode (all against all, only 1 life, fight to the death on giant maps), like the popular PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite. Like other games of the same genre, it also has a "Battle Pass" and two internal coins.

Game modes, maps and weapons taken directly from the consoles: everything the fans asked for. In summary, if you are used to CoD’s and miss the maps of Modern Warfare and Black Ops, CoD: Mobile will satisfy your will.

Important detail that it can still be compatible with the control (Bluetooth connection on Android), but we warn you that it is a “good” way to cheat.

The Room

The room app with open compass-shaped compartment, full of gears (indicator 2 in the lower left corner).Imagine an escape room challenge and think on a smaller scale. this is your goal in The Room (Divulgao)

In The Room, your task is to open boxes that become more difficult at each level. The biggest challenge is to avoid taking a notepad to write down your reasoning.

There are three sequences launched, with unique contexts and the introduction of new mechanics (pun intended) for surreal gears and padlocks, becoming more and more sinister over time. The Room one of the few paid apps on that list, currently costing R $ 3.39 in the Android store, which we link above.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing app: player about to collect gas tank and 100 and 5 point coins.Zero respect for the laws of physics are the great highlight of the game (Reproduction; Superdownloads)

As much as Hill Climb Racing looks like a game designed by a game development intern, the numbers say the opposite: it is installed in at least 500 million devices Android according to the Play Store. The main reason? Probably the not at all realistic physics.

Collect coins and fuel to survive the maps and have fun with only two controls: acceleration and brake. With the time and money earned by completing the levels, it is possible to purchase new vehicles, including war tanks, motorcycles and a sledge. For those who do not care about a simpler look, a great one is requested.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley app: a map of a purple castle on the left and a black and white aqueduct on the right.A plate full for the eyes and the mind (Divulgao; edited)

Yes, Monument Valley the game most visually Amazing of our selection, both for the art and for the beauty of its concepts. Another puzzle, this time we have a 3D scenario where you must rotate platforms and take the protagonist princess to the level exit. Escher's worthy perspective tricks take you from colorful daylight settings to dark caves and aqueducts.

The secret is that, when loading a level, the first thought that you will have the same: this is impossible. As you test the way each stretch of your path reacts to interactions, it is easy to see the ideal route. In addition, the emotional investment at the end of the story is worthy of satisfying those who do not give up (and manage to follow the simple dialogue).

The sequence, Monument Valley 2, maintains the whole atmosphere of the first.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 application - Airborne: Black Lamborghini skids on an underwater map.Who said that the smartphone does not run breathtaking graphics? (Reproduction; Mobygames)

If you have ever played a series title Burnout, you will feel at home with Asphalt 8: Airborne. For those who think that today's cell phones don't run games with such good graphics, it's worth reviewing their concepts and testing this game! It resembles a classic arcade more than many who try to imitate the realistic physics of the powerful.

The goal, of course, is to get there first. To do this, run and hit hard against the opponents' sides to get them off the track.

Rich scenarios and a great map replay factor makes Asphalt 8 an excellent title. An important factor is that all (almost 50) cars have been available in the store since the beginning, with the only barrier being the points earned within the game itself, which is rare in Android apps of this type today.

That way, you don't have to spend any “real” money to compete, or to do better. Just play well.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro app: metro lines in blue, yellow, purple and green intertwine with stations in the shape of a circle, square and triangle.Admit it: you never thought making a transfer was so much fun (Disclosure)

This app mixes strategy and simulation, as its goal is to create metro lines and keep the city running, opening new stations over time. Limited features, minimalist scenery and simple gameplay are the perfect formula for addiction, as you may well understand if you've ever played any Android game of its kind.

the app that more requires patience to be dominated, since the notion of having to deal with dozens of new passengers at once disturbing with each restart of gambling. By the way, you are also your only villain, since progress is measured by weeks in activity, not levels, and you only lose if a station is crowded for a long time. So Mini Metro no end, and this is the best (or worst?) part.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road application, chicken crosses the construction site accumulating 7 points.The Frogger of the Decade now a chicken …? (Reproduction; Mobygames)

Crossy Road simply the Frogger Android. In it, cross the streets without getting hit and advance as far as you can to accumulate points. If you stand still for too long, you die; if you falter on the street, a car picks you up.

Welcoming visuals and very straightforward gameplay (tap to move, slide your finger to move horizontally), in the right dose, they are able to take anyone persistence.

If you miss Flappy Bird, this is your best way out. In the end, if you find yourself answering the old joke question (why did the chicken cross the street?), you will notice that the hours you spent glued to your cell phone screen flying.

Tiny Tower

Tiny tower application: three-storey building on the left side and a new floor (with orange crane) on the right side.Build your building and decorate as you wish (Reproduction / malavida; edited)

Pixel art Easy to win over anyone. Thinking about it, Tiny Tower is a simulation of “build your tower” in a mechanic that borrows a lot from the classic SimTower.

Customize floors, add residents and workers (Bitizens) and be a spectator of the social life of these miniatures as you grow your building with different types of environments. Straightforward gameplay and creative visuals sum up the idea of ​​the game well.

Unfortunately, you will need to use that Facebook games logic: make upgrades, wait for items to cooldown, accumulate your wealth with the closed app and come back whenever receive a notification. If you are in a hurry, you can pay with real money, but we say that the trick is not worth waiting for.

Plants vs Zombies 2

PVZ2 app: peashooter, sunflower, bloomerang, bonk choy and wall-nut face a horde of zombies on the map of ancient Egypt.Defend your zombie base with this sequel to the essential Android game (Play; GameFM)

The original game is certainly an Android classic, which also deserves to be played. Here, we decided to talk about the sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2, which proves how it is possible to make a even better sequence than the first (luckily, in mobile games, logic is different from cinema). Collect sis, plant plants in specific spaces, acting as defense towers against zombies, and venom.

Over 300 levels different cards, modifier cards and thousands of possible combinations in a single game, PvZ 2 is a game of strategy in essence. There are 100 million downloads that prove the long life of the game that best represents the genre in the mobile world.

Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III app: Nazca in combat mode with attack or defense options.Square Enix also invests in original titles for mobile phones (Divulgao; edited)

Do you think you know this game from somewhere, just by the look? Do not be surprised, as he from SQUARE ENIX, the same renowned franchise developer, as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. Know that, even for mobile, Chaos Rings III one Complete RPG, following the sequence launched in 2012.

With turn battles (or as they are called in games, “turn-based“) You can apply modifier cards, earn loot and experience points, rolling out a unique story that, fortunately, can be enjoyed without the two predecessors but better if you play the other adventures beforehand. With estimated duration of 65 hours, high quality comes at a very high price: R $ 88.99.

Honorable menes (adapted for Android)

mario run, stardew valley, don't starve, minecraft, GTA San Andreas, games adapted for AndroidCollect coins, plant beets, survive without starvation, break blocks or steal cars: these are the extremes of games adapted for mobile (Disclosure / Reproduction; edited)

Starting with the various Nintendo games, it is quite valid to mention other renowned titles and franchises, made initially for other platforms, which also had an Android version. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run we only have examples of this, completed by the hit Mario Kart Tour. The logic is the same as for consoles, but now there is the dedicated touchscreen control.

In the wave of others who won a more faithful verse, this time leaving for a price more similar to the originals, we can mention Stardew Valley, an RPG success that basically a farming simulator perfect for all tastes and audiences. Venture out looking for resources or focus on raising a family, choosing how to guide your farm.

Two survivals for PC also deserve to be highlighted. Don’t Starve will make you fight for your life in search of food, but better if it’s played on a tablet. On the other hand, the most "friendly" Minecraft has perhaps been the least shaken in terms of "wiped" functions to fit the mobile so much that updates arrive almost immediately on Android. If you were already a fan, be sure to check it out.

One last hit, this time from the Playstation 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas arrived a few years ago in a version optimized for smartphones. In addition to squandering the graphic power of a machine that we carry in our pocket today, GTA is living proof that it is still possible to feel nostalgic with an adaptation.

Tell us: which of these games get in the download queue of your Android first?