Check out some tips to improve the experience of watching lives on Smart TV

Check out some tips to improve the experience of watching lives on Smart TV

Samsung shared some tips for you to watch lives on Smart TV and have an even better experience during quarantine

With the social distance due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), at lives (live broadcasts) have gained even more relevance on the internet. To give you an idea, in March, there was a 70% increase in the number of lives in the Instagram. In addition to the social photo network, YouTube has been used frequently for broadcasts and these contents can be even better when watched on Smart TVs, even when live on Instagram.

With an eye on this growth, the Samsung shared some tips for you to have great experiences with online content. These are suggestions that can, for example, lead to the live of smartphone to your Smart TV, or improve the sound quality of live shows from sound equipment.

Mirroring the phone screen on Smart TV

Background illustration with cellphone and smart tvLives on YouTube or Instagram can be watched on Smart TV

Most broadcasts take place on digital platforms, and most people end up watching on their smartphones. However, the experience on a small device may not be as pleasant. The good news is that you can mirror the mobile live on your Smart TV, even on entry-level models.

If you have a smartphone Samsung Galaxy, just connect the device to your Smart TV through the feature SmartView, which allows you to control videos, photos, music, among other functions. If you don't have a cell phone Samsung, but has a branded TV, the indicated download the application SmartThings (available for Android and iOS).

Connecting the smartphone to the Smart TV to watch livesMirroring to Samsung Smart TVs can be done from Android smartphones and iPhones

Mirroring using the features mentioned above serves not only for lives during quarantine, but also works for any content, even video calls during the home office. In short, everything you watch on your cell phone can be viewed on a larger screen through your Smart TV. Here's the tip for the lives of Instagram.

For the live superproducts being made in the YouTube, here's another tip for any Smart TV that has the YouTube app. When selecting the desired live on your smartphone, click on the transmission, which is located in the upper right corner of the video. That done, a list of Smart TVs connected to the same wi-fi network appears on the screen, choose which one you want to broadcast to and enjoy your live.

Smart TV Lives: Recommended Models

THE Samsung points out that the user can get a sense of proximity to his intent on live using televisions 65 inches or higher. And one of the indications of Showmetech The QLED Q60 4K, a Smart TV with outstanding image quality thanks to the combination of the QLED panel, HDR and 4K resolution. THE Q60 4K brings features that further enhance leisure moments, such as Movie Mode, Automatic Game Mode and Natural Mode.

Samsung Q60 4K Smart TVSamsung Q60 4K Smart TV brings QLED panel for better image quality

And as we are talking about leisure, this model has easy integration with the applications of the YouTube, Prime Video, Globoplay and HBO GO. But she can go beyond, Samsung QLED Q60 4K it is a great television that can become a monitor, facilitating work in the home office, especially for those working in creative and programming areas. THE Q60 4K is sold in Brazil in five sizes: 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82, costing from R $ 5,141.89.

J a Samsung NU7100 It is a more affordable Smart TV, which guarantees great live shows for you who already have a Smart TV or for those who want to invest in a new model. This TV can be found for about R$2,506.01 (50 inches), or even less in the 49 inch configuration.

Samsung NU7100 Smart TVSamsung NU7100 a more affordable model, without giving up quality

We highlight the NU7100, as it is a device that stands out in entertainment, ensuring quality for films, series and games. Although it does not have a QLED panel, as in high-end Smart TVs, the NU7100 does not give up on image quality and offers LED panel with 4K resolution.

Extra Tips

If you want to take advantage of the quarantine to do a live, use your Smart TV to make the production even better. With it, it is possible to have the return of what is being shown, for example. Here in the Showmetech, we already share all the tips to produce lives with excellence in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Mo holds Galaxy S20 Ultra, with Netflix content on screenNew top of the line Samsung, the Galaxy S20 Ultra

It is worth mentioning that you do not need much for this, as powerful cameras. Your live broadcast can be done via smartphone, as the excellent Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which we tested here on Showmetech. The device features a quad main camera with 108MP, 12MP and 48MP lenses, along with a DepthVision (ToF) sensor, while the front (for lives on Instagram) It has 40MP. In Brazil, the Galaxy S20 Ultra can be found for about R $ 7,199.10.

Sound quality in lives

To enjoy the weekends with the lives, only Smart TV guarantees a good experience, but it can be even better accompanied by full audio equipment. Therefore, the Samsung indicates the HW-R550 soundbar, voted one of the best devices to buy on Black Friday 2019.

O Samsung HW-R550 equipped with four speakers and wireless subwoofer. The model has 2.1 audio channels and 320W power, and 42Hz 20KHz frequency. A great advantage of this device is that it fills the entire environment with sound, thanks to technology Virtual Surround Sound. Thus, you will have the experience of show in your room, with the lives of your idols.

Samsung HW-R550 soundbar to connect smart tvSamsung HW-R550 Soundbar brings power and sound quality in a minimalist device

All synchronization with Smart TV Samsung gets more practical with the feature AnyNet +, which integrates the devices to use only a remote control. This soundbar model can be found in Brazilian stores by R $ 1,214.10.

With the complete kit, here are some suggestions for lives to watch over the next few days: Hugo and Guilherme (4/25, 8 pm), Cu, Mayer Hawthorne, Luedji Luna and Seu Jorge (4/25, 4 pm), Luan Santana (4/26, 6 pm), Metallica (every Monday, 9 pm) and Mike Shinoda (every day, 2 pm).

Did you like our tips? Do you have others to share that will improve lives on Smart TV during social isolation? So share us here comments.

Source: Samsung.