Check out several apps for Apple Watch that are already in development

Check out several apps for Apple Watch that are already in development

We already disclose that Apple itself is helping developers to polish and finish their applications for the Watch. It is not new to anyone that when the clock hits the market we will have a few tens / hundreds, perhaps thousands of apps available.

Check out some developers / companies that are already working on it and have already demonstrated their apps in some way:

Clear, by Realmac

Clear App for Watch

Famous task list application.

Exact Fitness Timer, by ExactLead

Exact Fitness Timer app for Watch

As its name says, it is a fitness app.

Feed Wrangler, by David Smith

Wrangler Feed App for Watch

RSS aggregator (news).

ExactLead Fitness Spades

Fitness Spades app for Watch

A mix of games and exercises.

Home Remote, by Gary Riches

Remote control to control your home.

Infinitweet, by Ruben Martinez

Infinityweet app for Watch

App that “breaks” the Twitter 140 character limit.

OfficeTime, by Productive Monkey

OfficeTime app for Watch

Monitoring work / meetings.

Peeps, by Peeps Media

Peeps app for Watch

Group video chat.

Prompt, by Gary Riches

Prompt App for Watch

Helper for presentations.

Slopes, by Consumed by Code

App for skiers and snowboarders to monitor their statistics.

Todoist, by Doist

Task lists.

Contrast Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro app for Watch

App to customize actions.


BMW App for Watch

App to check the battery of the electric car.


Tesla App for Watch

App to control various features of the car including clear, battery / autonomy.


Citymapper app for Watch

App full of information on public transport.


Honeywell app for Watch

Control for your thermostat.


Nike App for Watch

See your sports performances and challenge your friends.

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In addition to these, the site Wearable highlights many others, such as American Airlines (this one already disclosed by Apple), Facebook, MLB (Major League Baseball), Pinterest, Starwood Hotels (to open hotel room doors), Twitter, etc.

Apparently we will see several apps of these in the presentation next week!

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