Check out photos and unpublished details of the “Apple Campus 2”

Check out photos and unpublished details of the “Apple Campus 2”

The works of Apple Campus 2 they are in full swing and you have been following everything around here very closely last week, we published an article showing a video of how things are going there.

Now the Mashable had access to the site and made beautiful photos of the work (you can see them in the gallery above). In addition to the images, they also spoke with the company and obtained some interesting information about the new headquarters.

Let's go to the details:

  • Machines had to be created to place the nearly 3,000 glass panels some measuring 10 × 3.2m.
  • 33% of the curved glass has already been properly installed.
  • The works are expected to finish by the end of 2016, with employees moving to the site in early 2017.
  • Apple is working with suppliers to partners in 19 different countries!
  • Internally, the code name for the 11,100-square-meter, 1,000-seat underground auditorium “Theater”.
  • The roof of the “Theater”, according to Apple, is the largest ever made of carbon fiber and does not have any pillars it is fully supported by glass panels (also curved) that give a 360 view of the campus.
  • Made of 44 identical 21.3 × 3.3 m pieces, the roof weighs 80 tons.
  • All glass panels (both on the main campus and in the auditorium and other parts of the campus) were supplied by the German company seele / sedak, the same company that made the famous Apple Store glass cube – Fifth Avenue.
  • The great highlight of glass, however, goes to the restaurant of the campus that has a facade with two pieces that extend for four floors of height (28 × 15.8m, approximately the size of a basketball court).
  • The cafeteria itself will have 5,500 square meters and house around 2,800 employees in the internal space, while another 1,200 will be able to sit in the external courtyard.
  • In total, the campus is 260,100 square meters; the main building is 463 meters in diameter and has 7 floors in total, 3 of which are underground.

Tim Cook has already said he is talking to the Steve Jobs family to somehow honor the co-founder and former Apple CEO on the new campus.

It's just amazing what Apple is doing in Cupertino.