Check out our sixth compilation of iOS 10 screenshots – now with beta 3 news!

With the advances of betas, the visible changes in the system fall dramatically as the moment for Apple to polish everything for the final / public compilation.

Yesterday, as we reported, the iOS 10 its third test version has arrived.

In case you missed it, we already published here on the website five compiled screenshots of iOS 10: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

A few days ago, we also highlighted the possibility that Apple could bring 3D Touch to iPad Pro through Pencil .

Come on, then, sixth wave? 😉 It includes both beta 3 news and some that were pending before.

Boto Incio

Now the option “Keep your finger to open” (“Rest Finger to Open”) works well: with it on, you don't have to press the Start button to unlock the iPhone, basically keeping the same behavior on iOS 10 as 9.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

When the option is disabled, iOS 10 indicates at the top when the iPhone is properly unlocked by Touch ID and informs at the bottom that you need to press the button to open.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: @vd_duarte

iCloud Drive

It's much easier to send files / downloads from Safari to your iCloud Drive using the sharing sheet.


Image: Michel Duarte Corra


Image: Michel Duarte Corra


In the assistant's settings, there is now a new “App Support” area that gathers information from apps that use Siri and access personal data.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra


Apple moved back to translating downloaded tracks.

In beta 2 it was "Transfers", now it is "Transferred Music" and this area can be hidden again by the user in the "Edit" button, if you want.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

3D Touch

The “Share” option that now appears when using 3D Touch on any icon will now also indicate the name of the app in question.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

App Store

The App Store now issues notifications that apps / games have been updated automatically, for user control.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Del Gaudio Matteo

Drawings and shapes

When drawing freely with your fingers when editing photos, iOS 10 automatically identifies shapes and turns them into curves.



Device cones on the AirPlay controller were changed / upgraded in beta 2.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Rafael Giacomelli

· · ·

In addition:

  • The new typing sound that appeared in beta 1 and disappeared in beta 2 has returned in beta 3.
  • There is also a new sound effect and slightly different haptic feedback on iPhones 6s / 6s Plus when locking the device.
  • Users can also activate a new option to share anonymous Activity and Exercise data with Apple.

Soon, more!