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Check out our selection of apps to enjoy Carnival more easily

Already Carnival, City! Well, technically not yet, but in practice the revelry has been happening since the beginning of the month in several cities in the country – after all, that’s what February is for, isn’t it? ?

Because if you are planning to party, but are not very familiar with the whole business, or are in an unfamiliar city, or simply want to face the party more easily … well, whatever the reason, don’t be afraid: we’ve compiled a list with several great apps for iPhones and iPads that will help you navigate the sea of ​​rain, sweat and beer.

Come on? ?

Carnival 2020 Street Blocks app icon

Self-titled application # 1 of street Carnival, it has a complete program of blocks from different cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, Olinda, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Brasília, Fortaleza and Porto Alegre. It also has news, tips, party schedules, rehearsals, pre / post-carnival events and a user area, where you can set up your own schedule and plan.

CarnaBlocos 2020 app icon - SP and RJ

Here, we only have schedules for Carnival in Rio and São Paulo, but the app’s features go further: you can filter the blocks of each city in alphabetical order, style, musical genre, parade day, distance, neighborhood, reviews of users, audience estimation, and more. It is also possible to be present at each block / event, check your friends who did the same and even start flirting through the app itself with CarnaCrush.

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2020 app icon

Official application of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, brings a complete schedule (with the right to a map), user agenda, selfies and useful information, such as the location of airports, hospitals and police stations.

App icon Where's my trio?

One hand on the wheel for those who are going to face the soteropolitana revelry: it shows the real-time location (based on GPS data) of the main electric trios in the two largest circuits of the Carnival of Salvador (Barra-Ondina and Campo Grande), so that you always find the attraction you’re looking for. In addition, we have program information, location of cabins and service stations, as well as news about the event.

Recife 2020 Carnival app icon

For those who will enjoy the revelry specifically in the capital of Pernambuco, the app has the full schedule of Recife’s Carnival, with stage attractions and street blocks. There is also information with tips on food, accommodation and services.

PE app icon at Carnival 2020

Here, the focus is the Carnival of Pernambuco in general, with information about the party in Recife, Olinda and other cities. We have a complete program, integration with ticket sales services, event filters and much more.

Carnaval BSB app icon

In this, the focus is the Carnival of the federal capital: we have information about blocks (with the ability to favor those you want to participate in), maps with the events closest to you and others.

Moovit app icon: Public Transport

For those who intend to go to or from the party by public transport, Moovit has complete information on bus lines, subways, trains, BRT, VLT, tram, bicycles… basically all means of transport in hundreds of cities in the country, guiding the user by night.

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Any more tips? Leave it below in the comments – and, for those who go to the avenue or to the little block, there are the usual guidelines: take care, hydrate, have fun… and be sure to check out the playlists Carnival themes from Apple Music, of course!