Check out more details and benchmarks of the A6X, processor that equips fourth generation iPads

The controversial iPad update brought little news and one of them is the new processor A6X, with twice as much graphics power as the A6. O AnandTech put your hands on the fourth generation iPad and released even more details about the new processor, entitled to several comparative performance tests.

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A6X processor interior

Photo of the interior of the A6X under a microscope, captured by Chipworks.

More powerful than the chip present in the third generation iPad, which has two ARM Cortex A9 cores running at 1GHz paired with four PowerVR SGX 543 cores running at 250MHz, the A6X comes equipped with two Apple Swift cores, running at 1, 4GHz, along with four cores of the new PowerVR SGX 554. In addition, the fourth generation iPad processor continues to use the A5X's 128-bit memory interface, which is closest to the GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphic processing unit), instead of the CPU (central processing unit, or central processing unit) as in A5 and A6.

To show the computational difference between these two, the AnandTech also brought benchmarks with comparisons between the generations of iPads and also with some competitors.

A6X - Egypt Classic Offscreen

Showing the real result of these numbers, the TechCrunch made a video, comparing the performance of the third and fourth generation of the Apple tablet.

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From generation to generation, Apple further improves its devices, even if it is just inside. The results of this are even faster tablets, which make the user wait less and less to perform everyday functions.

If you are connected to computers and technology, mainly in the technical aspect of the thing, the complete AnandTech for you, since it’s packed with details about the brand new A6X processor.