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Check out (more) an overview of iOS / iPadOS 13 news, including its new context menus [atualizado]

O iOS 13 One of the most significant system updates in a while, considering the amount of news and features included here. We have covered many of these new features, major and minor, but they are not over yet. Quite the contrary: with the release of the second version of system tests, we already have a good bunch of things to deal with.

Let's go to them, then! 😉

New context menus

Even iOS 12 on the iPhone, by tapping on an element that required contextual interaction, you would open a new window occupying the entire lower portion of the screen. Now that changes.

The options appear in a menu next to the touched element, looking very close to the (dying?) 3D Touch menus.

According to developer Simeon Sans, developers can easily implement the new interaction menu in their apps and the target of the code (the contextual menu options) can even be unchanged. It was beautiful, didn't it?

Subscription Alert

We have already talked about the extra step, implemented on iOS 12, to confirm subscriptions. Now they have one more new feature in iOS 13: the system warns you if you are deleting an app with an active subscription.

Never seen this alert before Apple now warns if an app you are deleting has an active subscription. Good change.

(Captured on iOS 13 beta 2.)

The alert says that even if you delete the app, your subscription remains active and can be used on other devices; From there, the user has two options: you can choose to keep that app or go to your subscription management page to cancel the app-related service.


Subscriptions Screen | Images: Michel Duarte Run

Speaking of subscriptions, by the way, their management screen is much more accessible in the second beta of iOS 13: it appears among the main options of your Apple ID on the Settings screen.

Apple TV Audio Sync

Anyone who has an Apple TV connected to a wireless audio system or broadcasting on AirPlay can sometimes suffer from the dreaded delay. The sound comes out with milliseconds difference from the video due to the time difference in the processing of the elements. , which is extremely frustrating.

TvOS 13 beta version 2 includes the Wireless Audio Sync, which corrects audio latency in sound settings and in AirPlay.

Because iOS 13 solves the problem: through a new feature called Wireless Audio Sync, the iPhone or iPad running the system “hears” a series of sounds playing on your Apple TV for a moment and can compensate for the delay by making picture and sound perfectly synchronized. Once the process is done, it will remain until you change your audio equipment, of course.

To start the Wireless Audio Sync, you need to be running tvOS 13 on Apple TV and access the feature in system settings; then a notification will appear on all your upcoming iOS devices (running iOS 13). You can perform the process on any of them.

New HomePod Registration

Until iOS 12, the pairing of a HomePod with an iOS device was done by means of audio, the speaker would emit some beeps that were heard by the iPhone / iPad to connect the two devices. Now that could change: iOS 13 internal codes show a new visual process involving the LEDs on top of HomePod.

It looks like we have a new HomePod pairing mode on iOS 13 that, instead of using the traditional audio code, uses an LED pattern on top of HomePod that is read by the camera of the other device.

The process is a little less convenient than the previous one, as it requires that you actually be with HomePod to match it, but it is still quite intuitive. Apple also gives you the option to enter the pairing code manually, incidentally.

New options for saving page in Safari

IOS 13 What's New - Saving OptionsOptions to save page | Image: Michel Duarte Run

The latest beta version of iOS 13 brings a number of options for those who want to download a page in Safari: you can save it to PDF in Reader PDF (ie, a PDF version of “Reader View” mode of that page) or as a web file. It is also possible to choose the "automatic" mode, which determines the best option according to each page.

New setting screen wallpaper

IOS 13 What's New - Background (aesthetic or perspective)Choosing a Background (Static or Perspective) | Image: Michel Duarte Run

The old selector by which you chose whether an image would be displayed aesthetically or in perspective has been replaced by a button that switches between the two visually, but infinitely less intuitive modes.

New cone for home screen

IPadOS 13 What's New - New Home Screen IconNew cone for home screen | Image: Michel Duarte Run

For those who like to use iPad with a keyboard and use the Tab shortcut often to switch windows, Apple has a good news: now the shortcut window selector has a home screen-specific icon, so you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard or back to the beginning.

Shortcuts News

In the second beta of iOS 13, you can use 3D Touch (or simply tap and hold) on a shortcut to get a preview of your actions; You can also rename, duplicate or delete the shortcut also from this screen.

IOS 13 What's New - 3D Touch for Shortcuts3D Touch for shortcuts | Image: Michel Duarte Run

The app now also hides its NFC-related features if the device in question does not support scanning of tags (ie all iPads and iPhones except X, XS, XS Max, and XR models).

In addition, you can create shortcuts by sending audio to other devices and include new parameters such as enabling Dark Mode, displaying all your alarms, and collecting your current location (for location-based shortcuts).

Gestures on iPad

We already know that iPadOS 13 brings a host of new gestures unique to Ma's tablets, such as the ability to use two fingers to select text or items from a list, as well as more easily tapping and dragging elements between apps; With three fingers, you can use gestures to copy, paste, and cut elements, as well as undo and redo actions.

Gestures can be a bit confusing for those just starting out with the new system, but once learned, they can be very useful in saving user time.

O Cult of Mac made a really cool video gathering the new actions and giving some practical examples of them:

Cutting the status bar when editing screenshots

The editing screen of screenshots brings a useful new feature in the second beta of iOS 13: by tapping the crop option, the system will automatically display the crop window by cutting the status bar. You can, of course, drag the window back to include the element again, but the default will leave it out, which is very useful for those who want to clean up their own catches as much as possible.

Connecting to remote servers in the Files app

IPadOS 13 What's New - New Option to Connect to ServersNew option to connect to servers

With the news, it is possible to connect to servers through the SMB protocol they will appear in the "Shared" section of the application sidebar, next to your favorite places and folders.

Automatic Personal Access

Apple commented on this in the presentation keynote, but it's always nice to see how it all works.

What's New with macOS Catalina 10.15 - Automatic Personal AccessAutomatic Personal Access | Image: Silvio Sousa Cabral

If you are working on your Mac / iPad with your iPhone on its side and, by any chance, the Wi-Fi connection you are using drops, the system will ask if you want to use iPhone Personal Access to stay connected.

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And, did you enjoy the news?

Update 06/24/2019 at 10:00 AM

As we were informed, the iPadOS 13 icon for the Home screen already exists on iOS 12.