Check out images of a gold-plated Apple Watch (stainless steel)

Check out images of a gold-plated Apple Watch (stainless steel)

We already disclose here on MacMagazine two American companies that “make the Apple Watch the Edition model”. Of course, it's not the same thing, after all, whoever buys an Edition takes home a watch made in 18 karat gold (structurally speaking), while these companies only gold-plated the stainless steel watch. In other words, a “low cost” solution for those who really want to have a golden Watch but do not have the money to afford the most expensive model sold by Apple.

The big question: is the final result of this service really cool? User Ljohnson72, from Reddit, published some beautiful photos of his watch that was plated in gold (18 carats) by the Very Good Plating company. In addition to the watch itself, he also bathed two bracelets: the link bracelet (Link Bracelet) and leather. As we can see in the article gallery, the result was very cool (of course, for those who like the look of watches like that).

It is worth noting that this company bathes the Apple Watch in both 18 gold (softer) and 24 carat (more intense). While the watch service costs $ 500, for bracelets the price ranges from $ 50 (sports) to $ 250 (Milan style).

And yes, it is possible to send an Apple Watch from here in Brazil to be gold plated. But in addition to paying $ 120 for international shipping, whoever does this will most likely have a headache with customs when the product is returned to our country

(via iClarified)