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The amount of games available for download from the gigantic Play Store, so friend recommendations are always welcome. A few weeks ago I recommended here some good independent and simple games to pass the time. In return, you have recommended some too! I chose four of them.

Alto's Adventure

Climb your snowboard and rescue the llamas that have fled across the Alps. With a different story, the game of sliding and jumping. As might be expected from the genre, some obstacles and prizes along the way increase the difficulty of the game as the player progresses.

Each path is different from the other, and you do not pass the level, but level after completing missions. Alto's Adventure has an in-house store where you can buy and upgrade items with coins earned or pay $ 15.70 to double the coins collected in the game.

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Beautiful and fun. / ANDROIDPIT

Alto's Adventure
Install on Google Play

Alto's Adventure free with an in-app purchase, occupies about 75MB of storage and requires Android 2.3 or higher.

Infinity loop

a puzzle of priests. Infinity Loop has two different puzzle types, one with curves and one with traces. At each stage, you need to solve the puzzle by discovering the pattern. Simple, easy to understand and a great pastime.

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More difficult than it sounds. / ANDROIDPIT

Infinity loop
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The free Loop with ads, which can be withdrawn for $ 2.04. It occupies about 8MB of space and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher to run.

Smash hit

Break the glass that gets in your way with the metal waits. The scenarios vary greatly, as does the speed and difficulty of the game. Smash Hit has several modes, including two multiplayer, which are available for $ 6.23. However, the free mode is already enough for hours of fun, I highly recommend.

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The best on the list. / ANDROIDPIT

Smash hit
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The Free Smash Hit With One Version premium, requires Android 2.3 and up and occupies almost 100MB of space.


A mix of domin with 2048 is merged, when 3 equal pieces are connected, they "evolve" from 1 to 6 and then the M, three M and a clean board part. Colorful, simple and easy to play, great for killing a few minutes. The game has internal purchases since the removal of the ads, for $ 7.19, up to 3,400 coins, for $ 17.99.

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The best pastime. / ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play

Free Merged with in-house purchases occupies about 50MB and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Thanks to everyone who made recommendations! The choice of games for the list was made based on my personal taste alone.

Did you like the games? What is your favorite category?

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