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Check out everything to master the clues of the game Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour is an Android and iOS version of Nintendo's classic racing game. The goal is to accumulate points for each course and, with them, obtain items to continue winning.

Thus, the user can draw new characters, cars and gliders, to choose the one that best suits each track. The tracks, incidentally, reproduce both famous cities around the world, such as New York and Paris, as well as other classic game.

Fasten your seat belt and check out everything you need to know about the Mario Kart Tour!

What is the Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is the version of Nintendo's classic racing game for Android and iOS. The free app for users of both operating systems, but offers purchases for those who want to move faster.

The characters participate in racing seasons around the world, on tracks inspired by real-world venues and other title classics. To get along, you need to choose the right driver, car, and glider.

Each of them is favorable to one type of track and the correct selection can make all the difference in the final placement. Initially you will only have two characters, one car and one glider unlocked. However, it should accumulate more over the achievements.

Characters (and chances of winning them)

The characters, gliders and vehicles conquered through pipe shots, which draw them randomly. However, according to the game itself, some appear more often than others. Check below the recurrence ranking according to the Pocket Gamer website.

Character Rating Recurrence Rate
Koopa Troopa Normal 5.0877%
Dry Bones Normal 5.0877%
Baby daisy Normal 5.0877%
Baby mario Normal 5.0877%
Baby peach Normal 5.0877%
Shy guy Normal 5.0877%
Donkey kong Super 0.9357%
Toad Super 0.9357%
Bowser Super 0.9357%
Mario Super 0.9357%
Peach Super 0.9357%
Yoshi Super 0.9357%
Daisy Super 0.9357%
Diddy kong Super 0.9357%
Toadette Super 0.9357%
Dry Bowser Featured 0.2632%
Metal mario Featured 0.2632%
Peachette Featured 0.2632%
Mario (musician) Featured 0.2632%
Pauline Highlight 1.0526%

How to play Mario Kart Tour in mode multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour

Want to play Mario Kart Tour online with your friends? Unfortunately, the game does not offer the option multiplayer, at least for a while. This is because Nintendo claims that the feature will be available in some future update. There is even an inactive functionality icon in the game.

However, you can participate in a ranking with players from around the world, including people you know, and find out who is the best. But the item only becomes visible after accumulating a few points and participating in a certain number of tests.

According to the specialized website Fanbyte, this is only possible after completing the Yoshi Cup during the season in New York. Friends can be added to the game list through their Nintendo Account. Or by linking your Facebook or Twitter accounts and looking for users who are also playing.

Tips for playing Mario Kart Tour

For those who have already played the Mario Kart console version you will probably feel familiar with the game. The mobile edition, of course, has some differences, such as the fact that it is not possible to control the speed of the car, which is automatic.

Certain tricks and tips can help you earn more points and purchase items more easily. Check out the list below to get ahead.

Set the game mode you prefer

Mario Kart Tour

The user can choose how they prefer to play. Unlike the video game version, the car doesn't get off track and the game mode may seem too robotic or simple.

However, in the game settings you can select and match how to make the races more challenging. For that, make the way Settings Menu. In Control Method, enable or disable the options of Manual skidding and Smart driving (automatic) if you want.

There is also the possibility to enable or disable Automatic Items. The recursion causes the collected objects to be automatically launched on the track when the car goes through a new box. Finally, you can take advantage of the phone's gyroscope and use the Motion control, which drives the vehicle by tilting the device.

Boost from the start

To literally get out in front of other cars, always use the boost acceleration at the start. To do this, tap the screen and hold from 2 on the countdown. When the race begins, release the display and watch your kart go off.

But be aware: if you happen to hold the screen ahead of time, the car should skid and not accelerate as desired.

Fly higher

Mario Kart Tour

To boost jumps or glider flights, touch the screen while in the air. In addition to giving more points during the race, it can make all the difference in your character's placement.

This is because it allows you to interact with the scenery, such as balloons or the dinosaur's body and extend the flight or extend the jump, arriving ahead of competitors.

Make the perfect match

In Mario Kart Tour, selecting the right character, car and glider for each track can make a total difference in your performance. For example, choosing Toad and its items for the track with the doll's name will probably do better than the others.

To do this, you need to be lucky enough to have all these items unlocked. To purchase new items, keep in mind that you have to collect (or buy) rubies and use them to fire pipes that draw characters, automobiles, and gliders.

Clean the screen ink

You may fall into the ambush of having octopus paint thrown on your helmet during the race. As a result, your vision is partially compromised for some time, making it difficult to see other obstacles and rivals.

What few know is that it is possible to clean the canvas by swiping the ink as if rubbing it. That simple.

What do I need to play Mario Kart Tour?

To play Mario Kart Tour you must have a Nintendo Account to link to the game. So when opening the game for the first time, I need to connect. Check it out as simple!

1. Open the Mario Kart Tour app. Within a few seconds, you will see the Nintendo Account. Comes Next to create or login to your account;

Mario Kart Tour

2. You will be redirected to the developer's website. If you are already a user, go to Login and enter your data as usual. If not, go to Create Nintendo Account;

3 Inform if you are 16 or older or up to 15 years old;

4 If you are a Nintendo Network, Facebook, Google, or Twitter user, you can create a Nintendo Account associated with any of them by tapping the cone. Then enter your login details in the chosen service;

Mario Kart Tour

5 Then fill in the requested registration details, such as username, password, date of birth, gender and country. Check the box stating that you agree to the terms of the User Agreement and finalize on Continue;

6 In the following screen, inform if you want to receive or in the company email and finish in Confirm and Register;

7 You will receive a code in the registered email. Enter on the next page and go again to Confirm;

8 After your account is created, tap the button. Link an account;

9 On the next screen, go to Associate this user;

10 Immediately, you will be redirected to the Mario Kart Tour app.

Ready! You are now enabled to start the race.

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