Check out Apple's newest Christmas commercial, focused on AirPods and iPhone X

Apple has a great history of commercials.

The latest iPad, for example, is being highly praised.

And, even at the time of the year, many were expecting the commercial of Christmas last year's Apple, you can check it out in this article.

Because Apple decided to release 2017 a little earlier than normal check the above.

Move some this Christmas.

Despite the Christmas atmosphere, the commercial entitled “Balano” ("Sway") follows the line of the first AirPod commercial.

Because, wireless headphones are the stars, next to the iPhone X that quickly shows up at the beginning without speaking, of course, on the soundtrack of Sam Smith (Palace):

Curiosity is due to the commercial couple who, as reported by the TechCrunch, are in fact married in real life.

Whatever got bad, no.

But decidedly, at least in my view, it's not time for Apple's latest Christmas commercials, especially 2013's (iPhone 5s).