Check out an amazing speed test between the Galaxy Note5 and the iPhone 6

Check out an amazing speed test between the Galaxy Note5 and the iPhone 6

Turn and move we also talk a little about the most important / relevant launches from Apple competitors (like Samsung, Motorola and others). Although we like Ma's products and ecosystem very much, we know that they are not unique and that there are good alternatives out there.

We did not even comment on the launch of the Galaxy Note5 It's from Galaxy S6 edge plus because "briefly" they are bigger versions of the already mentioned Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, with small improvements here and there.

These products have been launched now (in mid-August), while iPhones 6/6 Plus have been around for almost a year. When making any comparisons between them, we have to take this into account to be minimally fair. This is exactly why the test performed by the YouTube channel DroidModderX (comparing Note5 and iPhone 6) becomes even more incredible, see:

We obtained some very surprising results in this very particular speed test. Note5 has incredible technical specifications. I was a little disappointed with Note5. What do you think?

The Note5 has a processor octa-core Exynos 7420 and 4GB of RAM (LPDDR4). That's right: eight-core chip and 4GB of memory! Still, the iPhone 6 with its meager 1GB of RAM managed to finish a speed test ahead, showing that it can manage memory much better than the Samsung device.

Did anyone expect this ?!

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And since we’re talking about Note5, we can’t stop covering also the polemics (look at a #gate of competition a) that came with the S Pen. As we are a site focused on Apple, we must always communicate the possible failures that appear in the company's devices and services. And as we ended up talking about them and never the flaws found in competitor's products / services, some think that the neighbor's grass is much greener and well cared for. In well so

When performing some tests with Note5, the website Android Police found that by inserting the stylus upside down, it can get stuck to the point where we can't get it out with our hands anymore. More than that: it can damage the S Pen and the device itself!

Of course, no one in conscience would place the stylus on the contrary on the device, but anyone who has a child knows that sooner or later it will happen. And, to make matters worse, the design created by Samsung allows the S Pen to fit perfectly into that upside-down space (which is not the case with Note 4, for example) so any distracted person could easily make that mistake.

Watch the video below:

Never place the stylus reversed on the Galaxy Note5 (which is surprisingly easy to do!) you will probably break the S Pen's detection on your phone, permanently.

In other words, it is a simple carelessness and you can permanently break a device that is not cheap.

Upon contacting Samsung, they received the following response:

It is highly recommended that Galaxy Note5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure that there are no problems.

It is not the type of response you expect, especially in the case of Note5 that does not even come with the user guide in the box, you need to enter the website and download everything on your own.

Here is the part of the guide that talks about the subject:

Note5 Manual - S Pen

Conclusion: Samsung definitely knew the problem and decided to market everything anyway, proof of this that the Note 4 user guide does not have this warning.

(via iClarified, Ars Technica)