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Check out all the videos shown today during the Apple Special Event [atualizado 2x]

As we reported, Apple today launched a set of new services that leverage the company's position from the consumer market. streaming of videos, with the Apple TV +, running through the universe of games with the Apple Arcade, until the financial scope, with the Apple card.

As usual, Ma has published all the videos shown during today's keynote, and we have put them together for you. Some are only available in English (with subtitles), yet you can get an idea of ??what's coming.

Opening video

Enjoy Apple's opening event credits for spring 2019. show time.

Apple News +

With Apple News +, you can now have full access to hundreds of major magazines and newspapers. All in one place.

Apple card

This Apple Card. A credit card created by Apple, not by a bank. Built for simplicity, transparency and privacy. Coming this summer.

It is noteworthy that the Apple Card arrive during summer (from the northern hemisphere) in the United States, initially. There is still no forecast for service expansion to other countries.

Apple Arcade

The games that will change the rules of the game.

In creating Apple Arcade, Apple has joined forces with some of the most innovative developers to bring the games they and you have always dreamed to life. Still this year.

Apple Arcade is an indictive subscription gaming service with over 100 games developed by the most creative minds. Get to know some of the most innovative titles. Still this year.

Apple TV +

Know the creative minds behind the stories.

Apple TV + is a new service for streaming with original stories from the most creative minds on TV and film. Coming this fall.

Oprah is here. And together, we hope to do amazing things that really matter. Because the world needs more than it matters.

For the happiness of us Brazilians as well as the Portuguese, Apple TV + will be available in Brazil later this year and in Portugal from the fall of the northern hemisphere in addition to dozens of other regions.

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Certainly the video that features the story behind Apple TV + creations is one of the longest (and most beautiful) ever displayed on a keynote, but the opening one is personally my favorite. Tell us what you think about Ma's productions below! ?

Update 3/26/2019 at 22:00

Apple has now posted the full keynote (1h49 duration) on YouTube:

Update II by Bruno Santana3/27/2019 7:40 PM

And it's already on the air the only video that had not yet been posted by Apple: what it says about the (beautiful) design of the Apple Card.

This is the Apple Card. Titanium, laser engraving, no number and no fees. A new type of credit card. Coming next summer (from the northern hemisphere).