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Check out 5 tricks to get the most out of your Samsung!

Loved by some, hated by others. The TouchWiz user interface has been part of Android since the first smartphones packed with the green robot system were launched almost 9 years ago. Since then, several modifications have been made by Samsung to make its interface more functional and user friendly. We use the Galaxy On7 as a base to bring together the 5 best TouchWiz functions, which are present in several Samsung Galaxy line devices. Check it out below.

1 – Use the download accelerator to download large files

The download accelerator came with the release of the Galaxy S5 in 2014, and is currently available on a number of compatible devices, such as the Galaxy On7 itself and the Galaxy A5, for example. This feature allows a file size 30 MB or larger to be downloaded with the help of Wi-Fi and mobile simultaneously.

To see if the TouchWiz version on your Galaxy compatible with this feature, go to: System Settings> Download Accelerator> Enabled. When enabled, this function will pop up whenever a download larger than 30 MB is being downloaded. If the user accepts, both data connections will be unified to make the download faster.

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The download accelerator downloads files larger than 30 MB using Wi-Fi and data connection simultaneously. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>2 – Automatically insert DDD code into phone contacts</h2>
<p>Many users make long distance calls, however, we do not always know which area code we are going to call. To solve this problem, TouchWiz has a very interesting feature called "Right Call". This function automatically inserts the DDD code against the number being dialed.</p>
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To use the "Right Call" feature, follow this path: System Settings> SIM Card Management> Enable Smart Code Detection. Thus, the device will automatically recognize the carrier code of each SIM card inserted in the device – in case of dual-SIM models – and will also add the corresponding DDD to the dialed number.

3 – Improve headphone sound quality

TouchWiz offers a specific sound function for headphones. With it, the user can perform a sound test step and improve the audio quality for each side of the headset. For this function to work, a conventional headset or headset must be connected to the device. So just go to the System Settings> Sounds & Notifications> Sound / Effect Quality> Adapt Sound.

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Adapt Sound helps the user find the best sound quality for their headset. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>When activated and with the headset plugged into your Galaxy, click "test" and follow the next steps of the wizard. Adapt Sound optimizes sound quality for both sides of the headset according to user audio, which is tested throughout the 10 steps of the setup wizard. If you only use one side of the headset at certain times, you can set it to be slightly higher.</p>
<h2>4 – Make system operation easier with just one hand</h2>
<p>Galaxy smartphones come in a variety of screen sizes, from 3.5-inch to 5.5-inch models. For easy one-handed operation of the system, the TouchWiz interface offers a feature called "One-handed operation" which reduces the size of some applications present on the phone.</p>
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To access this feature, go to: System Settings> Display> One-Hand Operation. Note that not all applications and system menus are changed, as this change is applied only to the Samsung keyboard, native system calculator, phone keypad, and screen unlock pattern. Thus, all these options will be displayed in smaller size and accompanied by arrows, which drag the displayed content to the right or left.

5 – Keep a locked app on device screen

Who has never lent the device to anyone to consult something on the internet and the person went out and his WhatsApp photos or conversations? The "Mark windows" function allows an application preselected by the user to remain active on the device screen. Thus, to close this app and access the entire system the owner will have to enter a password.

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Lock an app on your Samsung screen and get rid of intruders. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The "Mark windows" option is accessible at: <em>System Settings> Security & Lock Screen> Other Security Settings> Advanced> Mark Windows</em>. To enable this feature I need to set a PIN code and a screen unlock design if your Galaxy doesn't have it yet. After choosing the password, simply access multitasking and select the application you wish to see locked on your screen via the pin icon. </p>
<p>When selected, the app is activated and locked on the device screen. To exit it you must press the multitasking key and return simultaneously, however, the screen will be locked immediately with the password set by the user at the beginning of setup.</p>
<p>And which of these tips did you already know or use from today? Be sure to share with us the tricks you use most on your Samsung Galaxy through the comments below.</p>
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