Check out 5 essential tips to improve your video conferences

Check out 5 essential tips to improve your video conferences

Quarantine has boosted the popularity of video conferencing, and we’ve provided you with essential tips for getting the most out of this experience.

In times of COVID-19, work relations have changed and, with them, videoconferencing have become essential for many, who have found the resource the perfect opportunity to remain active working from home. Chatting through the camera has become routine and nothing better than collecting some tips to make the experience more comfortable for everyone.

It seems like little, but with the ideal light it's the best sound quality several setbacks are spared. Thinking about it, we have separated some tips that are essential to improve the quality of video and sound. Check out how to give your videoconferences a more professional look:

First of all, find the app that your face

Multi-screen video conferencing applicationsThe ideal application for your video call may depend on which device you are connected to, as well as additional features

For videoconference, the first step is to find the application that meets your needs. And, it is known that there are many options. Many of these options, even, are available for applications on your smartphone as well as for your browser, which can be a good one, since it does not require the download.

Names like Skype stand out in a crowd due to their pioneering spirit. Options such as voice calls, video, local calls and file sharing are all covered here. it is good for those who wish to be on video in a group of few people, for example.

If you are looking for a robust application to support work meetings, perhaps the Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings able to satisfy the possible demands for a larger group of participants. Zoom is even capable of holding up to 10,000 people for online seminars, which they can only view, as in a lecture. In addition, they can share presentations and other content from your computer screen.

More everyday applications also offer options for video calls. the case of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. In the latter, it is even possible to make a call while simultaneously accompanying other content on the social network. Understanding first what your type of video call is helps and a lot of possible setbacks.

The key to a good video conference is sound quality

Woman holds videoconference with headset in front of a tableUsing headphones in video conferencing is essential to minimize the effects of external interference

We cannot always count on the best quality of connection and, therefore, listening and being listened to is the first big step towards a videoconference Of success. Ambient sound can become your biggest villain in these moments, so the ideal is always to adhere to the headphones. Headset or not, essential that they have microphone. And by microphone, it is understood that they must be superior to the microphone offered by your notebook, for example.

Another golden tip may be to make sure to turn off other adjacent sounds. Radio, television, avoid outside sounds. Choose the quietest place in your home to become your conference room. With this, you can and will avoid any breaks during calls due to external interference.

It is worth remembering that if you do not have the floor, mute the video call. In this way, any external interference will not effectively affect the video connection. It is essential, however, to disable the microphone of the application in question, which is often intuitively arranged. If you choose to mute your smartphone or computer microphone, the result will not be as expected.

Check out a list of headphones selected and tested by Showmetech:

plantronics headset over its base, on a wooden tableVoyager Focus UC an ideal headset for video calls

The fundamental framework

Always place the camera at eye level. Often, we end up falling into error when positioning the computer or cell phone in the wrong way. It is not very difficult to enter videoconference with cropped images, often with only the top of the head showing or vice versa. Not having a complete view of the face can interfere with communication, since expressions are also essential for human interaction. But this can be easily circumvented, and it is a good option to use a webcam that can be positioned in the best possible way.

Whenever possible, choose to place the device on a flat surface and, if it is not too high to be able to accurately capture your face, use a support or pedestal, or improvise with books and magazines.

Check out 5 essential tips to improve your video conferencesA good framing should show your entire face, and completely from the front

Framing your face is an important step towards a successful video call, so always do a video test before you start. It is also possible to make adjustments to your device so that superfluous information is disabled from the call screen. Depending on the application of your choice, you can perform this step in a simple and intuitive way.

Another important tip is to minimize your image on the call screen: this way, you avoid looking around and distracting yourself trying to fix your hairstyle or trim.

Check out a selection of cameras for you to stand out in videoconferences:

Razer Kiyo stands out against the notebookRazer Kiyo is a webcam that stands out as it has a public focus on gamers, so video conferencing is one of its main focuses

Fundamental light

Woman records video with direct light on her faceOpt for a direct light focus on the face a feature used by youtubers to enhance the face

Another essential tip lies exactly in the lighting. Allied to the framing, so fundamental, the concern with perfect lighting also helps a lot in the success of your video call. Make sure, first of all, that there is no light in the background that stands out more than your own face.

It is necessary to have more light illuminating your face than the bottom of your screen, try to ensure that you have an apparatus that illuminates it. Options like key lights and ring lights aims to make the highlighted object (or you!) look good on screen. a widely used resource for content creators like youtubers, for example. We recommend using a ring light with trip and USB power, which can be done by your computer or cell phone charger.

But of course, not everyone can or can have the best lighting equipment, so there are some simple tricks that can help you when it’s time to tighten up, like, for example, your own natural light of the environment. If possible, try to position yourself next to a window if your video call is made during the day. Luminaires also do the job well. Remember, the lighting needs to be on your face and not in your background, the idea here to get around the shadows.

Again, there is no problem with doing some tests beforehand and, along with the framework, make sure that you do not have too much extra information in the big picture. Remember that the light towards your face must be harmonious. There is no point in placing a light projector on our faces in order to only value shadows that, in the end, permanently undermine our expressions. The idea here is to soften the result, always focusing on easy communication.

In search of the perfect background

Women on videoconference with blurred backgroundIn applications like Skype, it is already possible to blur the background

Finally, the fund. Although you are the star of your videoconferenceOften, what happens behind can rob the focus of the call and, in short, devalue what you have to say.

Opt for places where there is little information, where colors should be more neutral. If this is not possible, try to keep the highlighted object as far away from the background as possible, which can end up helping to defocus and helps to give a sense of depth. There is a feature in Skype that promotes the effect blur from the bottom, which can help a lot if you choose this application for videoconferences. Another application that applies background effects to polomics zoom, where you can replace a neutral background with an image of your own.

It is worth remembering that the maxim also applies to simple walls, since, if too close, unwanted shadows can form. Understand that people can be distracted at some point in the video call, so minimizing the focus of attention to the background always helps. Making sure you look good on the video is also a bonus. The success of your video conference is a natural result when minimizing setbacks.

What did you think of the tips? Are you going to apply them to your next videoconference? Share your impressions with us in the comments.

Source: The Next Web and The Verge