Games para Android: confira 10 novos jogos grátis da Play Store

Check out 10 new free games from the Play Store

Games para Android: confira 10 novos jogos grátis da Play Store

We have selected the best free games on the Play Store for you to have fun on your Android device.

The great advantage of researching newgames for Android at the Google Play Store every week, it’s stay on top of promotions and find out which games are available for free download. So we set up a list with the ten most interesting games that we found in the Google app store.

Android Games

Before downloading any of the games for Android of this article, stay tuned for the applications that have been added to the store, as they may have some flaws or bugs. Even so, games for Androi promise to please all types of users, due to the variety of jagos. Remembering that the download links are in the list title. Ready to have fun on your smartphone?

1 – Beach Hero RPG

Android GamesBe the hero of a beach by solving a mystery in Beach Hero RPG.

Here we have a game simple but very fun. In Beach Hero RPG, you control a young man who needs to solve a mystery while enjoying his day on the sunny beach. The highlight of the game is due to the mix between retro pixelated style and RPG elements.

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2 – Grand Mountain Adventure

Android GamesTake on the challenges of a snowy mountain in Grand Mountain Adventure.

This title is still in the testing stages, so don’t be surprised if you encounter any bugs during the game. With beautiful graphics, in Grand Mountain Adventure the player can explore snow-covered mountains, challenges and obstacles.

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3 – Pen Run

Command a pen across the paper in Pen Run.Command a pen across the paper in Pen Run.

despite the game for Android look like an educational game, he’s more fun than he looks. In Pen Run, the player controls the movement of a pen that slides across sheets of paper. In order to avoid obstacles, the player must maintain the path to obtain points.

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4 – Bounce It

Android GamesSee how far you get the ball to reach Bounce it.

Unlike other games in the «Bounce» genre, in Bounce It, the player’s goal is not to hit the ball to destroy blocks, but to reach the highest height. The game is a fun and simple option for those looking for an experience without much difficulty and want to use their skills with a virtual ball.

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5 – Slime’s Dream

Android GamesDecide the fate of a cute animal in Slime’s Dream.

Who never wanted to control a creature that was shaped like a jelly? In Slime’s Dream, the player controls a gooey bug that needs to climb a mountain. With simple gameplay, the user can tap anywhere on the screen to make the avatar jump and dodge obstacles (all in the best pixelated retro style of the 1980s).

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6 – Vedah

Android GamesVedah invites you to play with colors and patterns.

This is one of games for Android with a simple look, but addictive gameplay. In Vedah the player needs to carry a pencil in a dreamland full of obstacles. The game’s graphics perfectly imitate crayon drawings on a blackboard and, even with many challenges, there are several types of upgrades that the user can purchase to make their journey easier.

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7 – Destiny Knights

Android GamesDestiny Knights is a great choice for those who are a fan of JRPGs.

Enjoy a game in the best RPG style, like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem? Then, you will love Destiny Knights. In this game, the user controls several characters with unique abilities along the lines of the latest hit game of the genre, Octopath Traveler.

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8 – iSlash DOJO

Android GamesPractice your ninja skills in iSlash DOJO.

Want to test your skills in the oriental martial arts with a sword? So, practice your deadly strokes in this simple and fun game. iSlash DOJO puts the player in control of a sword to cut various types of materials, with agile touches and fulfilling diverse challenges is one of games for Android that deserves to be on our list.

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9 – Clash & GO: AR Strategy

Android GamesMaster strategies and play with AR in Clash & GO.

Here we have one of the first mobile titles for Android, which combines elements of geolocation with augmented reality (AR), in a game developed to build cities and battle in real time. In Clash & GO, you control a base on an asteroid and have to manage your station, increasing your defenses against space enemies.

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10 – Cookie Wars

Android GamesParticipate in a candy-filled battle in Cookie Wars.

Finally, we have Cookie Wars, a fun cartoon-style game, in which you have to face waves of enemies with funny and tasty powers. Get as many cookies as possible (or cookies?) To proceed and test how long you can survive in this battle full of goodies!

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